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Friday, August 22, 2014

"Take a piece of turmeric and a bunch of neem leaves.

Look, I am wearing a new saree! How does it look?", the young lady asked her neighbor.

The neighbour lifted a fold of the saree, to feel its texture in appreciation.

"What is this Jayanti? You say it is a new saree. But it is torn!"

Jayanti came back home with a heavy heart. 

She always bought sarees in a pair. 

She removed the one that she was wearing and wore the other one. 

She went back to her neighbour.

"Look, this is another one! I have checked it thoroughly. How is it?"

"Why, any saree looks good on you! But what is this? It is scorched in places!"

This was disturbing. Jayanti came to Periyaval.

"Take a piece of turmeric and a bunch of neem leaves. 

Tie it to the edge of the saree and then wear it."

Jayanti did as she was told. The sarees were neither torn nor scorched.

How is that Periyaval is inspired to such insights! It is beyond us.....

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