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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Home management Part 17

Clean your light switches and wall plates, once a month.  Spray the cleaner directly on the cloth (not on the plate). Wipe to remove gummy, sticky fingerprints.  Buff to dry.

Apply leftover ketchup and soy sauce packets on her children's "small booboos and bumps."
As you cook, rinse dirty small cutleries like spoons, forks, plates .For the rest rinse and stack them neatly,you'll have less to clean up after dinner.

Discard the unused takeout disposable containers, glass jars and condiment packages you've stored.

Do not spray polish directly on furniture .Instead, spray your cloth and pass it gently across the furniture’s surface.

Do not store anything less than a single serving in the fridge.

Got a scuff or a scratch on your wood furniture? Rub it with a walnut (shell removed) to mask the damage.

Insert the tennis balls over the doorknobs and the door stoppers metal would not make any mark on the wall.

Make use of those old ketchup sachets that you get with pizzas instead of Brasso polish to clean your copper-bottomed cooking pans, brass curios.

Old tennis balls   can be used to prevent chairs from making marks on your floors. Cut and insert them in the legs of the chairs. The same can be used for walkers of the elder persons.

Sometimes delicate chains can be untwisted with tweezers.

Spot-clean   the grease on the door handle or inside the glass door of your microwave oven with a sponge and a dash of baking soda.

To clean the shower head, remove the shower head and soak it in white or apple-cider vinegar. If you can't disconnect the shower head, partially fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tape or tie the top of the bag around the shower head so the nozzle end is submerged in liquid. Let it sit overnight. The vinegar should dissolve the mineral deposits. Use a fine needle to clear the holes so the water flows freely.

To take out splinters, thorns, and more use a pair of tweezers with a fine, pointed tip and short, wide handles for an extra firm grip.

While cleaning underneath the bathroom sink, remove everything out and sort out all items. Before putting everything back in, wipe all inside surfaces and check the plumbing for leaks. You can use double revolving trays, small stackable plastic shelves, or plastic bins or buckets.

Wipe the sole plate on an iron with a piece of cloth bearing toothpaste before wiping it clean with another dry cloth.

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