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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Home management Part 14

Apply a layer of nail polish on the bottom of the shaving cream rim to prevent it from forming rust ring.

Cover each item  of your special occasion clothes with an old pillowcase (cut a hole in the closed end to slip over a hanger ) to keep them moisture fee.

Crack the eggs into a bowl, then squeeze a clean water bottle, hold it over a yolk, and loosen your grip to vacuum it up. Compress and release to drop it into another bowl.

Eliminate the weeds in your garden  naturally by just pouring  the white vinegar into a spray bottle and spritz away.

Fill your top loading washing machine with ice to keep canned or bottled drinks cool at your next party. Once the party over, let the ice melt; run the spin cycle to empty the tub.

Insert each of the soft stems of flowers like tulips or daffodils into a wide straw before adding to a vase to make them stay firm. You can reuse  the straws for the same purpose.

Rather than plug in a speaker, I use a drink glass To amplify  the volume of your iPhone's music place it inside a drink  glass .The shorter the glass, the less the echo effect.

Rub the dark-colored leather shoes with a balled-up black-and-white newspaper page   to look polished .

 Socks, T-shirts, and towels make excellent padding when packing up breakables on transit.

Stack paper plates between non stick cookware to keep it scratch-free when stored.

To expand your clothing capacity use a soda-can tab. Slip one end over a hanger’s hook, then suspend a second hanger from the tab’s other end.

To neutralize your smelly hands  after slicing onions and garlic , rub your fingers on a stainless steel spoon under running water.

To remove almost any oil based product from clothing or hands use shaving cream.

Unfold and form an ‘s’ out of a jumbo paper clip  to hook one end through the jump ring and hold the other end of the bracelet, then bring the clasp around to latch.

 Use a clean toothbrush stand to keep your makeup brushes neat and gunk-free by stashing them, bristles up.

Use one of the flowerpot saucer trays in the bathroom for storing the toilet plunger.

Use wide-tooth comb to remove tangled fringe on an area rug. Start at the tips and work in, to avoid making a bigger knot.

Wedge a staple remover's teeth between the coils of the key ring and then clamp down to separate them — a new key will slide on easily.

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