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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Are the kids getting what they require?

With the DIG (double income group ) parents, the children lose most of the  parental care and they end up with psychological problems. I am not here to put a blanket statement on this. What I understand from the news reported. 

Recently, I heard a 3 year old child has been put into a hostel for the  best conduct! What if the child doesn't pick up good manners? Parents do not have faith and confidence in bringing up their own child?Is it the fear or lack of time or too much into career?

How can the parents be sure the child would get a better conduct being out of their sight?

Isn’t their responsibility to bring up their child? Why should they go for a child when they cannot take care?  They should have also planned how they are going to bring up the child in both of them being working professionals. 

Later as the child grows it may end up with psychological depression. Mere spending the weekends and taking them out would not give room for interaction. Do they as parents get enough time for each other?

Absence of parents leads to  lack of emotional attachment .Parents with their demanding jobs  do not have a  good quality time with their kids .So to keep them occupied send them to tuitions and other extra activities. Lack of attention from parents creates attention seeking syndrome. 

The latch key kids behave strangely and try to get the attention in any manner. Their behaviour causes concern to the teachers and parents as well. 

Spending more quality time with kids would bring up good citizens to the society. They do not have emotional support, nor do they have any security. 

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