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Saturday, August 2, 2014


Amma , you ,an ordinary woman , in your ordinary ways, have  made us  extraordinary in your unique ways.  Like a weaver, you have woven your faith, hope and love into our lives, making it your contribution in the universal fabric of life. Even now you feel like giving us the best .

Amma , at this age also you are  beautiful, and a best critic, also a strongest supporter. You do not mind ,of late ,speaking your mind out and I can see the changes in you, you are more concerned than earlier, you forget things quite easily.

Your  caring, loving, friendly, welcoming, patient, and trustworthy ,God-fearing and self-sacrificing nature stuns me!

Your prayers for us are unending so are your wisdom and grace. 
You are the best because you endure much and do not complain.  

You are more loving and understanding . All of our lives we know your love and your care.  You are gifted to be with your grandchildren and now great grandchildren and  to feel a special bond with all of them  .

While life has not always been easy, you have handled whatever came your way with un compromised faith and grace.  Even now you are busy helping, stitching , reading, singing and watching TV and taking part in discussions. Amma , the beauty of your heart is beyond comprehension. 

  You are the very best mother any child would like to have. You are the true model of a mother. You have always given us the best of what we can have even though we were not rich. You led us to live in this world full of uncertainties.

You are not only the best mum and a mother-in-law but also the best grandmother and great grand mother. How can I forget the cap you hand stitched for my grand daughter with your partial vision,that shows your love for your grand kids. I know you love simple pleasures. 

 You are 85. I want to take this opportunity to wish you A HAPPY  85 TH BIRTHDAY  to live  a Happy HEALTHY LIFE 
2 nd August 2014

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