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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Yes, it was indeed meant for all.

A young man lost his mother and father, one after the other, within a month. 

His grief was unbearable. He came to Periyaval with sorrow clouding his face, and wept. Periyaval was silent for a while. After sometime, in a soft voice, he spoke in a measured tone.

"Look here.... even my mother and father have left. Look at Vidyarti Narayana Sastri here, Ottankadu Venkataramaaiyer, Simili Vanchinathaiyer, and Vedapuri Sastri - they have all lost their parents. The cow yields a calf. For some days, there is binding between the mother and its calf. Then each goes its way. That is the law of life. God creates and calls unto himself. So, we should console ourselves and look upon Parvati-Paramesvara and Lakshmi Narayana as our parents".

It was as if Periyaval was not talking to the young man, but to every one present there. Yes, it was indeed meant for all.

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