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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mobile Phones - a boon or bane?

Science is like a double edged sword, and it brings  a bomb and  a bouquet.  It depends on how an individual uses it . The ever growing technology is likely to have its toll, but it all depends on individuals how  prudently they are going to use it..

I notice every day 3 out of five people I come across are busy with their mobile phones, talking, texting, listening to music or sharing their phone with someone and watching something.

It has been a practice to engage oneself as soon as getting into an auto. It is not a right way, one should keep looking around to know the route, familiarize the route, and if the driver is a gentleman, he might not take you for granted, but if he is  a scoundrel, he would keep going around and may charge you more, might even plan something ahead to harm you, or threaten you.

One can take down the driver's name, registration number any other details of the auto for further course of action in the event of any unpleasant happenings.

Many engage in conversations  over the mobile while walking, thus they do not know what's happening and and their in alert positions gives birth to crime. 

"A lot of people  keep fiddling with their phones  everywhere at malls or clinics, schools, theaters, parks and  other public places. The younger generation is also also hooked to a mobile, though it is given to them for their safety. 

The other day  three young girls all in their party wear were getting into a parked auto and all of the three were getting with one eye and one hand on their cell phones. I was shocked , first of ll they were not attentive to see the face of the driver, and they were not even aware of their surroundings . How can they be so? So many incidents happen in Bangalore with all, especially women and girls with the auto drivers.

At home the scenario is different, earlier each one had a book to read nowadays it's each one with a mobile phone and a laptop, tablet, I pad, I pod etc.....

There is hardly any conversation taking place and there is no socialization within and outside the  family.

Recently  a mother's addiction to mobile phone has led her son  to  emotional imbalance. He felt affected and neglected. This habit of the parents takes the toll on the  time they spare for their children. Parents  should decide on how much time they are going to spend on their kids. 

I see a young mother everyday  talking with one hand  on the mobile and the other  pushing her child's pram  and does not even bother to exercise caution while crossing the road?

Either she should stop attending to the phone or stop moving with the child , both not done. I do not know what is more important to her.
Is talking or texting is more important than anything in life when your senses were supposed to be alert? Due to their indifference, if something happens, they would not hesitate to shift the blame on the auto driver.

Parents as far as possible should frame some rules to be followed by all members in the family and see that it's done by all.They should be role models and need to prioritize, have clear time limits, and stick to them at all cost.

Only god can save these people as they have kept their reasoning power and brain at home.

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