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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Mahaperiyava Miracles “Ghee for 1 Rupee”

Mahaperiyava Miracles
“Ghee for 1 Rupee”
Mahaperiyava was camping at Pandharpur [Pandaripuram] in the year 1981. Devotees were thronging at the camp to have darshan of Periyava. Amidst the crowd there was a North Indian Seth who came there to present his offerings to Jagadguru. When his turn came he prostrated before the Acharya and offered one full can of ghee and paid his obeisances.
Paramacharya then murmered “One Rupee” “One Rupee” . Devotees who have gatherd, there could not understand this and every body started taking One Rupee from their pockets.
Mahaperiyava then asked his Mutt Sishyas to enquire from the Seth as to why he brought one full can of ghee instead of ghee worth one rupee. Now the surprise increased for everyone to know as to why Periyava asked the Seth to buy ghee for one rupee.
When they enquired this to Seth he narrated the incident
“Few days before somebody kidnaped my daughter and when I was confused and worried Maha Periyava appeared in my dream and informed me to buy ghee for one rupee and come to Pandharpur and told me that your daughter will return safe please don’t worry”
“As told by Periyava I got my dauther back the next day. I got relieved and very happy to see my daughter back and hence decided to offer one full can of ghee instead of one rupee” thus by telling this Seeth broke the suspence to everyone.
The above incident confirms that Karunamurthy periyava will come to the rescue of his devotees in need of help under difficult circumstances.

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