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Friday, July 4, 2014

Home management Part 9

With the spiralling cost of gold, it’s better to remove rings and bangles while doing household chores to protect them from harsh chemicals that can damage your jewellery.

Do not soak studded jewellery in water, chances are the gemstones may fall off the jewellery. Dip a soft towel in a soap solution, gently scrub the jewellery, dab a damp and leave it to dry on a soft cloth. Put it back in the box, once done.

Pearl sets are stored in a cotton bag separately from other jewels.  So, when you take them off, wipe them with a dry cotton cloth before putting them back .

Whenever you buy any jewels remember to file the bill, receipt, estimate etc along with the mode of payment to know the details and value. This would also ensure your transaction is genuine. A rough note of it can be entered in your diary for future use. It would come handy in case of emergencies like theft, or in exchange offers. 

When you keep your jewels in a bank locker make a list of the items and write the date of operating the locker. Next time when you take out some, make an entry of the items and do the same for keeping them back. This way you ensure that nothing taken out has been left out. If you have decided to gift from your collection mention the same. If more than one person in a family is operating, this will clear all confusion and misunderstanding. Keep your locker key in a small key pouch and write the locker number on it, also remember the Ledger number and page number for easy transaction and to save time. For this you need to keep a pen and a diary in the locker.

Remove your gold jewelry if you are heading for a sauna /a steam room /gym clinical tests to avoid reaction to chemicals.

Avoid wearing any jewellery in the swimming pool as it has chlorine.
Use soap and water to clean gold non gemstones jewellery at home. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water. Add a few drops of liquid soap or mild dishwashing liquid. Soak your jewellery in the bowl for 20-30 minutes remove it, use a clean cloth to dry .The best way is to wrap them in cotton and tissue paper.

 Never clean inside the wash basin. Choose a time when you are totally free so that you have no interruption while doing so.

Use a soft tooth brush to remove the dirt stuck in your jewellery.

Keep the artificial jewels away from the real ones to differentiate and to keep them safely. Let your children know the difference and the value. With frequent chain snatching, I would suggest avoid displaying them if you cannot handle carefully.

Never discuss anything related to jewels in the presence of domestic helps, strangers at times even your immediate family members.

Do not be lured by attractive discount offers, buy from reputed Jewelers with the KDM mark. It’s of course your money and you are going to be the owner so do not become a loser.

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