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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Home management part 11

Clean discolored teacups and teapots by making a paste of baking soda and water.

Cut diagonally across the middle of an empty clean bottle. Toss the base, and use the half with the handle as a dust pan.

Collect all your travel toiletries in an old suit case and store them in the bathroom cupboard. In this way you can save time in looking for them.

During rainy days, to keep yourself away from contracting infection run water over your flip flops and dry them overnight.

Help a purse or boots to keep its shape with tissue stuffed inside as they do in showrooms 

Cut the bottom of each hollow-stemmed blooms stem at a 45-degree angle, turn the stem upside down, fill it with water, and stuff it with a piece of cotton. 

If your umbrella has detached from its metal spines, tie or sew it back together with waxed dental  floss.
If your  sun glasses are slightly loose, use a hair dryer and bend them to suit your face.
You have un manageable cords in your PC?  Just clip the cord near the opening to prevent the cord from being entangled .

Rub a bar of soap along the teeth of a stuck zipper.
The same can be done for furniture drawers that do not budge easily.

When you have to rush out of shower, hold towel in place with a claw like hair clip , or cloth peg.
Newspaper is the best way to absorb moisture from the shoes and other footwear. When not in use wrap them in newspaper and keep, this way you can be sure they do not develop fungus.

Protect wood floors. Slide socks onto the legs of chairs and tables so they don’t scratch the floor when you rearrange the room .

Push one cotton ball into the end of each finger of a dishwashing glove to keep sharp nails from splitting the rubber.
Put medications in a locked cosmetic case for an easy way to keep away from children.

Rub gently a medium-grit sandpaper over the bottoms to give slippery soles some traction.
To prevent dresses from wrinkles, pack them between layers of tissue paper. This is how the professionals ensure they remain wrinkle free.

Use a long piece of dental floss to split a cake into a clean straight cut.

Use an old shower curtain liner in the required sizes, after making a hole in the center for your little one’s head/ yours to pop through while doing some painting work.

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