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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Who is Kanchi Mahaswamigal?

Bharat is a land of Rishis, Munis, Jnanis, Bhaktas, scholars, philosphers, gurus, Acharyas, religious leaders, Yogis, mahans, paramahamsas, Siddhas........from time immemorial.

Some were Jnanis only, some philosophers only, some Bhaktas only, etc., But rare indeed to find everything rolled into one.
Kanchi Mahaswamigal or Paramacharyal is one, very very rare all rolled into one.
From whichever perspective one looks- a scholar looking at him as a scholar or a Bhakta looking at him as a Bhakti Guru, a Jnani looking at him as a great jnani or a yogi etc., will find Paramacharyal as one who is larger than the life in stature of a Jnani, yogi, Guru etc., This is the reason people of all walks of life were attracted to him.

Many dispute the kanchi Mutt itself as not a Mutt of Sankara at all. well, this is based on which one of the history one holds as true.
There are 10 known Sankara Vijayams. Of which, the two written by the contemparory of Sri Adi Sankarabhaghawadpadal, have not been seen by any one, only the names as : pracheena Sankara Vijayam,Bruhat Sankara Vijayam , are heard. Out of the eight available some talk about a Sankara peetam at kanchi ascended by the Great Sri Sankara Himself, while other Sankara Vijayams do not. In fact most of the sankara Vijayams available today do not restrict themselves to Four Mutts of Sankara. The most recent and the largest of them is Madhaviya sankara vijayam, though admits many of the Mutts but not sure whether they are by Adi Sankara or others.

Perhaps, it is God's will to keep certain things as secret by the way of no proper records of history; or may be people gave more importance to their pursuance to the teachings and following or regarded their immediate Guru no less than the Adi Guru Himself.

Many give importance to the miracles happened thru' Paramacharyal and revere him, little realizing a great Jnani has been reduced to a magician. This is what will happen if people don't look beyond the experience in Awake state.

But for this great Mahan Parmacharyal lives of many people would have gone astray or would have gone westernized totally, Vedas and brhaminism would have died in Tamil Nadu ( today Tamil Nadu has the largest number of Veda Patashalas) Temples would have shut without archakaas or vedic scholars or Bhajana mandalis or carnatic music would have perished but for this enthusing Mahaatma who rejuvenated from the grass root levels.

There are certain milestones in the history of a Bharat -
Rama for creating Ramarajya an ideal rajya, Krishna for
re-establishing Dharma, Sri Sankarabhaghwadpadal re-establsihing the Adwaita Vednata the final conclusion and purpose of Vedas, Chatrapati Shivaji with the guidance of his Guru Samrtha Ramadas establishing a Hindu Rashtra, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa reviving the Bhakti anointed Jnanam when brhama samajis and arya Samjais where pulling the Sanatana Dharma society in opposite directions of Jnanam and Karma but without Bhakti .
and finally the advent of a rare Purusha in the form of Paramacharyal - when the English education seemed to over turn and erase,without leaving a reminder, sanatana Dharma.

The renaissance of Vedas and its study, Sankara's teachings, Bhakti are the hall marks of this great Acarya called Paramacharya.

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