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Monday, June 16, 2014

Maha Periaya and Sri.Pudu Periavah were camping at a School abutting the Mambalam Station.

I have to place on record however reluctant I am to go public. I think it was March-April 1958. 

Maha Periaya and Sri.Pudu Periavah were camping at a School abutting the Mambalam Station. My father who was Secretary of Advaitha Sabha at Trichy had come to Madras. I had also come to attend the UPSC Interview for Central Civil Serivices/IPS. Father took me to Periavah to seek his blessings. He was sitting on the floor, conversing with Mrs. Kasturi Srinivasan. As soon as she left, we bowed before him placing our offerings before him. 

Maha Periavah was enquiring about the health of Sri.Polagam Sundaresa Sastrigal, the teacher to Trichy Advaitha Sabha. My father informed Periavah that Sri.Sastrigal is undergoing treatment for diabetis. Maha Periavah told my father that he is a "பொக்கிஷம். சிஷ்யர்கள் அவரை நல்ல முறையில் பாதுகாக்க வேண்டும். நான் சொன்னேனுன்னு என்று அவரிடம் சொல்லு. English vaithiam parthukolla chollu." Father replied that he would convey the message. Then Father mentioned about my attending the interview the next day and I am seeking his blessings. Sri.Maha Periavah did not react. He just touched the plate and the attendants placed a plate with Kumkum and vibhuthi prasadam. I was totally disappointed by the stoic silence of Maha Periavah. That time I did not succeed. 

In the next year also though I have been called for interview, I did not succeed. While on all the three attempts in 1956,57,& 58 I succeeded in the written test and called for interview, I was not selected. Already I am an enrolled Advocate, following my father's practice as an Advocate. In 1963, Maha Periavah visited Trichy and camped at National College. My father as the Secretary of Advaitha Sabha, was with the group from the time Maha Periavah set foot at Trichy. When later in the evening Maha Periavah was in Pattina Pravesam, my father sent advance intimation to me to offer Poorna Kumbham when he passes through our Street. 

When I offered the Poorna Kumbham, Maha Periavah smilingly asked me "How is your practice". When I asked my father later whether he had at any time informed him of my being an Advocate, father told me that there was no time for him to inform Him of my present avocation. 

Only then I understood that Mahaperiavah's silence when I sought his blessings for Govt.job in 1958. He is the Knower of all. Later in 1974 when along with my father and Pandamangalam Sri.Kuppuswami Sastrigal (who has authored a book on "Soundarya Lahari') sought his blessings at Kalavai on my being offered a law officer's position in SBI, he approvingly raised his hands and blessed me. 

Till day I cannot afford to forget His Holiness's omniscience and Karuna Vilasam.

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