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Monday, June 16, 2014

Life has humour, find it...

Many times we keep doing something or comment something which becomes a humourous remark. I think we can post them in this thread.

It so happened after we moved into our new apartment in Anand , Gujarat, we were quite happy , me and my daughter. because hardly any visitors and we could do our work peacefully. But it did not happen so... 

We were on the third floor and there was one local politician so people kept coming and going and almost all the flats were looking the same , quite often they would disturb us asking for Kanthibhai che......, Invariably our reply would be , upar che...

So one day I was so much annoyed that I told my daughter to write on a piece of paper , KANTHIBHAI UPAR CHE in Gujarati and paste it near the door. 

This brought relief. The same week we had the association meeting and the President of the ASssociation said that he would like to start with something pleasant and said that ,'"mathangi madam instead of writing her name on the wall as name board has written in Gujarati," Kanthibhai upar che'. I had to explainto them the reason behind this and when they came to know the real reason, they all burst into laughter including Kanthibhai. 

They appreciated my presence of mind and said that typical of me my humour has come to my rescue!

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