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Monday, May 5, 2014

Straw Mat

During His later years, Periva would lie down on a straw mat and take rest for some time in the afternoon. When He got up, the imprints of the mat could be seen on His back. A devotee was very much affected seeing this. After some days, he brought a soft bed and requested Maha Swami, 'Periava should lie down in this'.

Paramacharya smiled and said, ' Do you know what kind of bed Arjuna gave to Beeshmacharya?' 'Yes, Ambu (arrows - spear head) padukkai'. If Beeshmar had asked for a flower bed, Indra would have given him. But, he preferred 'ambu padukkai'.

Now, see that farmer. He is in deep debt and unable to get sleep in the night. Give this bed to him, get him a couple of pillows and a blanket. Make him at least sleep peacefully. 'Enakku gora pai thavira mathadu ellam goramana pai'.

Periava was the ultimate example and meaning of the word 'simple'. 

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