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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

-Saturn’s Transit over Scorpio - Astrological Analysis

By Dr.E.S.Neelakantan 

It is said that even Gods and Celestial beings are mortally afraid of Saturn – so what could be said of Human beings? The one planet which could make or mar the fortunes of a person is Saturn – no wonder everyone looks forward to Saturn’s transit – either with awe or out of relief – to know what destiny has in store. On 2nd November, 2014 Saturn commences his journey into the Martian sign, Scorpio. Before we venture to know its effects, let us have a look at the crucial dates making his progress into the sign Scorpio.

Table 1

Entry into sign

 The next aspect we need to take note of are the retrograde movements of Saturn.
 Table 2 


 Saturn is retrograde for a period of 141 days before commencing direct motion.
Combustion is another phenomenon which tends to affect the performance of a planet. It is important to know the dates of combustion.
Table 3 
Combustion from


 There are three stars, viz. Vishaka, Anuradha and Jyeshta.
On 2nd November 2014, Saturn enters Vishaka (4th Padam). On 29th November it enters Anuradha star (1st Padam). On 29th December it touches Anuradha (2nd Padam) and on 8th February 2015, it touches Anuradha (3rd Padam).
While in Anuradha (3rd Padam) it is retrograde from 15th March 2015 to 1st August 2015. On 2nd August 2015, Saturn resumes direct motion in Anuradha (1st Padam). Again it touches Anuradha (2nd Padam) on 26th September 2015, reaches 3rd Padam on 31st October 2015, reaches 4th Padam on 29th November 2015.
It enters Jyeshta Star on 27th December 2015(Jyeshta 1st Padam). It touches 2nd Padam on 30th January 2016. It gets retrograde from 26th March 2016 to 13th August 2016. It turns direct on 14th August 2016, stars sailing from Anuradha Star again, touches Jyeshta again on 17th October 2016. Saturn remains in Jyeshta Star in direct motion till it crosses over to Sagittarius on 26th January 2017.
Moorthy Nirnaya method 
At the time of Saturn’s entry into Scorpio, Moon will be in Aquarius in Sadabhishek Star. So, Saturn is Swarna Moorthi for Aquarius, Virgo and Aries (1,6 and 11 counted from Janma Rasi to Aquarius). It is Rajata Moorthi for Libra, Capricorn and Gemini (2,5 and 9 from Janma Rasi). It is Tamra Moorthi for Sagittarius, Leo and Taurus (3,7 and 10 from Janma Rasi). It is Loha Moorthi for Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces (4,8 and 12 from Janma Rasi).
Table 4 
Swarna Moorthi
Aquarius, Virgo and Aries
Rajata Moorthi
Libra, Capricorn and Gemini
Tamra Moorthi
Sagittarius, Leo and Taurus
Loha Moorthi
Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces

Mundane forecasts
During its passage through Vishaka Star, people living in China and northern parts of Asia would be affected. Every object which is bright, red or of crimson colour would be affected. During its passage through Anuradha Star, people of Kashmir would be affected. Violence and natural calamities could affect Kashmir. Further, sensitive regions such as the borders of Kashmir, Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and the northern areas would undergo turmoil due to a variety of reasons. The rulers, ministers and military personnel would be affected when Saturn transits Jyeshta. It is essential that during Saturn’s transit over Jyeshta (December 2015 – January 2017), security of heads of state are given top priority. The movement of Saturn in Scorpio spells trouble for the Government of Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir. The political climate in West Asia gets heated up, especially in Syria and Iraq. Due to the movements of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, Indonesia would be exposed to seismic activity. This could happen in either December 2014 or January 2015, coinciding with the entry of Mars into Capricorn, where it enters into an exchange of signs with Saturn in Scorpio. In October 2014, a cyclonic storm of powerful dimensions could hit the coast of northern Tamilnadu and southern Andhra Pradesh in the regions around Nellore, Guntur and Ongole. 
The North East Monsoon this year promises to be extremely good. West Bengal and
Bangladesh would be inundated during the period October 2014 to November 2014.
 Saturn Transit  reckoned from birth star
The Star which Saturn transits reckoned from Janma Nakshatra has vital importance in judging the nature of results. This can be judged from Table 5
Table 5

Part of the body
Fear, Loss
2 to 5
Left Shoulder
6 to 11
Illness / worries
12 to 16
Gain of Money
17 to 20
Right Shoulder
21 to 23
Gain of Status
Fear of Death
Saturn is the most malefic planet and is feared very much. Here his transit effects are studied from different angles.
 1. Ardhashtama or Kamtaka Sani (Saturn in 4th from Moon)
 2. Ashtama Sani (Saturn in 8th from Moon)
 3. 71/2 years Sade Sathi Sani (Saturn in 12th, 1st and 2nd from Moon sign)
 4. Anga Sani: Saturn in different parts of the body in relation to birth star.
 Saturn completes one round of the zodiac in 30 years and remains in a Rasi for 21/2 years. He gives good results only in 3,6 and 11th Rasis from birth Moon. In all other houses, he is malefic. This means that in one round of Saturn he gives good results 21/2 x 3 = 7 years, i.e, 3, 6 and 11 from Moon and in remaining 9 Rasis, (221/2 years) bad results. At this rate for 90 years life span he will complete 3 rounds and good results will be for 221/2 years only, for most part of his life.
Now, we will see how the intensity of malefic results are distributed during each of his round.
1. He is good in 3rd , 6th  and 11th houses.
2. In 5th , 9th and 10th houses he gives moderately bad results.
 3. In 4th house called Ardhashtama or Kantaka Sani is considerably worse than in 5, 9 and10th .
4. In 8th, he is called Ashtama Sani. This is a little bit worse and next for 71/2 years of Sade Sathi and gives more bad results only.
5. In 12 and 2nd houses it is the first and last 21/2 years of 71/2  years of Saturn. This is highly malefic which needs to be guarded well.
 6. Janma Sani is the period of 21/2 years when Saturn is in birth Moon sign and it is highl y malefic period and dangerous even to life.
 Out of these, Ashtama Sani and Ardhashtama Sani are called Kalyani and Laghu Kalyani in some texts prevalent in northern India. For Laghu Kalyani or Ardhashtama Sani, i.e., Saturn in 4th, the following results are given:-
There will be diseases, enemity with relatives and friends, miseries, sorrows, unwanted wandering to various places without any aim or benefit and mental worries.
For the Deergayush Jataka, the first round of Saturn is called in Tamil as “Mangu Sani” which means dull Sani. The next round of 71/2 years of Saturn is called “Pongu Sani” which means overflowing Sani. The third round Saturn is called “Kungu Sani” which means depressing Sani. Now, we will look into the nature of these 4 rounds of Saturn.
1. Mangu Sani : This can also be called manda (dull) Sani. During this period there will be many difficulties. There will be harassment from government, many trials and ordeals including bad health. Education will be spoiled.
 2. Pongu Sani : This can be called as Fertile Sani. Auspicious functions like education, marriages, fruitful project work, etc. may be finished by the native.
The first part will however be bad and in the last part two parents may passaway. In this last part, all that is lost during Sade Sathi will be regained orcompensated.
3. Kungu Sani (frozen): This can be called depressing Saturn. During third round of Saturn’s Sade Sathi, those who have poornayush will suffer from mental worries, agony, mourning, death of relatives, sorrows, miseries. If judged life span is also coinciding, the native may even pass away.
4. Marana Sani: This is very bad. If the native does not die during third round of Sade Sathi, then during this period if judged life span gets completed, certainly passes away.
Out of all the above four rounds only the 21/2 years of Janma Sani is very bad and critical and malefic results are maximum in each of the rounds. Tamil texts declare special results for this Janma Sani. There will be fear of death (during Janma Sani of 3rd round or 4th round). In other rounds, there will be petty quarrels, many chronic diseases, humiliation, loss of self-respect, fear of death, mental agony, hysteria, confusion etc.
Saturn’s 71/2 years results can be analysed in yet another way. The total 90 months period is distributed among the limbs of the native with specific results as given below:

House from 
Janma Rasi
No. of months
Parts of the body
Difficulties and Loss
Gain of money
Gain of money
Janma Rasi(1)
Gain of money
Janma Rasi(1)
Gain of money
Janma Rasi(1)
Janma Rasi(1)

90 months

The date of transit varies by more than a month according to Vakya Panchangams. For instance, transit date of Saturn is indicated as 16th December 2014 according to Vakya tables. This day is observed as “Shani Peyarchi” by temples in Tamilnadu and other places. Drigganitha is based on actual observation of planets and discernible phenomenon like eclipses besides rising and setting of planets. Vakya system is outdated as it fails to incorporate necessary changes at timely intervals.
Saturn in Mythology
In order to explain profound Astrological truths, our forefathers used to employ didactic fables to educate laymen on the intricacies of the science. There are many fables about Saturn from which we can learn how cosmic forces operate in our life. The guilty are always punished for their evil deeds and Saturn exists in order to mete out that punishment. Here, is an important story which deals with how King Vikramaditya had to undergo considerable hardship while Sade Sathi was in operation.
The story of King Vikramaditya and Sade Sathi
King Vikramaditya ruled over Ujjain. He was known for his wisdom, gallantry and magnanimity. His wife was Queen Madalekha.
Once, the nine planets or the navagrahas, went into a discussion about who is the most powerful amongst them. Since Rahu and Ketu were relatively smaller planets, they asked the other seven planets, namely, Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn to decide on the matter. After many arguments, the planets could not reach to a conclusion. So, they sought help from the King of devas, Lord Devendra. But, Lord Indra felt that if he gives a judgement in favour of one planet, all other planets will become disSathisfied with him. Hence, he advised the planets to seek the required judgement from the wise King Vikramaditya on earth.
Heeding to the advice of Lord Indra, the seven planets approached King Vikramaditya and sought his judgement. King Vikramaditya was overwhelmed to see the Gods. He treated them with utmost respect and devotion. Since he was dutiful, he accepted the difficult task before him, gracefully.
After giving a deep thought over the matter, King Vikramaditya arranged for seven thrones. These thrones were made from Gold, Bronze, Brass, Tin, Zinc, Mica and Iron respectively. The thrones were numbered with Gold as no.1 and Iron as no.7. Then, King Vikramaditya requested the seven Gods to grace the throne of their own selection. Lord Surya (Sun) chose the Golden chair while Lord Shani (Saturn) chose the Iron chair.
When the seven Gods sat in the chair of their own selection, King Vikramaditya said “Now, according to the order of your throne you may decide your own rank and none can thrust my judgement upon you.”
Hearing this, Lord Shani (Saturn) stood up and said to the King, “ You ranked me the lowest among the planets. You are unaware of my power and influence. Sun can stay in a Zodiac (Rasi) for one to two months; Mars for one and half months; Jupiter for a maximum of thirteen months; Mercury and Venus for one month; Rahu and Ketu for eighteen months. But, I am the only planet who can reign a Zodiac for two and half to seven and half years. This period is called Sade Sathi. Even the most powerful of all Gods tremble when they hear about Sade Sathi. When Lord Rama went through Sade Sathi he was banished from his own kingdom. Now, be prepared, for its your turn, oh King Vikramaditya.” Saying this, Lord Shani disappeared.
Soon, Sade Sathi period started for King Vikramaditya. Saturn took the form of a rich merchant and entered Ujjain to sell horses. King Vikramaditya heard of the excellent horses and sent his men to buy the good ones. Hearing of their exorbitant prices, the King came to see the horses himself and liked one of them so much that the merchant asked him to try it out. The moment he sat on it, the horse galloped at enormous speed into the jungles where he managed to jump and get off. But by then, he had lost his way he had no option but to wait till dawn when, a passing cowherd showed him the way to the nearest town.
At the Palace, Queen Madanalekha was worried about the King. She was an ardent devotee of Lord Shani Bhagwan. So, she prayed to the Lord and requested him to save her husband. Due to her prayers, Lord Shani promised to save King Vikramaditya’s life, but on the condition that he has to undergo rigorous hardships due to his karma.
King Vikramaditya finally reached a nearby town. In tattered clothes, he looked shabby like a beggar. Nobody recognized him as the King of Ujjain. A wealthy trader, who was on his way home, took pity on Vikramaditya and offered to give him food and shelter. King Vikramaditya started working as a domestic help in the trader’s house.
As days passed by, the trader grew attached to Vikramaditya and he gave him the responsibility of doing arrangements for his daughter’s wedding ceremony. So, Vikramaditya went to the market to purchase the required things for the marriage ceremony. There, he met a mysterious man. He was none other than Lord Shani in disguise. The mysterious man gave Vikramaditya a picture of a duck and disappeared. Vikramaditya, unassumingly took it home.

That night, Vikramaditya was baffled by a strange sight. The duck in the picture, was swallowing a gold necklace which was kept for the trader’s daughter. Due to this, every one in the trader’s house thought that Vikramaditya has stolen the necklace. The trader’s wife was so angry, that she got Vikramaditya arrested through King Chandrasena’s soldiers.
King Chandrasena was the enemy of King Vikramaditya. He recognized him as King Vikramaditya and ordered his soldiers to cut off his hands and feet in one stroke. And, it was done at once.
 Two years passed by, a daughter of a wealthy oil trader from Ujjain passed by and recognized King Vikramaditya. She took him home and informed her father of Vikramaditya’s fate. The oilman put Vikramaditya on the job of pressing out the oil in return for food and clothing. As time went by, it became Vikramaditya’s daily chore to sing while passing time moving the oxen around the mill. He was a talented musician knowing all the ragas, he sang his heart out, until all of a sudden the force and melody of his voice combined to cause all the lamps in the city to ignite spontaneously. King Chandrasena’s daughter who was standing in her balcony was marveled at the sight of all the lamps flare up simultaneously. She sent her servants to investigate. Just then Vikramaditya had completed Raga Deepika, and all the lamps unexpectedly went out. The servants informed the princess that the person whose hands and legs were chopped off on her father’s orders was the singer. She sent him an invite to come and sing for her. Vikramaditya tried to decline thinking that Saturn might have not finished with him yet, but on the insistence of the girl he agreed. Thereafter he kept singing various ragas for her, each appropriate for the time of the day or night. His Sade Sathi also was also coming to an end. The princess too had decided to get married to him only. When the King learnt of her intentions he tried persuading her, but she wouldn’t relent, and threatened to immolate herself if the King did not agree. Vikramaditya was unaware of this drama, and thought to himself that there was more misery left for him to undergo and Saturn did not show him his grace.
As Vikramaditya thought so, Saturn appeared before him and said, ‘’ O king Vikramaditya! Do you recognize me? Tell me how much suffering you endured by insulting me in your court.’’ Vikramaditya tried to rise to prostrate Saturn, but being crippled he rolled to Saturn’s feet to pay him obeisance. Saturn said, ‘’Bravo! King Vikramaditya for your patience, you have endured great miseries, now request your heart’s desire from me.’’ Vikramaditya requested Saturn not to trouble anyone as he had troubled him. Saturn was pleased at the King’s selflessness and restored Vikramaditya’s hands, legs and previous luster to rule again. 
 The moral of the story is that Saturn is not evil, it is benevolent if one lives rightly, truthfully and without ego. In the Sade Sathi it creates circumstances to make a person egoistic, shows false promises and then humbles a person completely. The Sade Sathi is a period of limitations, it is a period of introspection and also of correction, if you do not heed to it, you will suffer like Vikramaditya did.
 In general, to alleviate the adverse effects of Saturn, the following remedial measures are seen adopted.
1. Worship Lord Hanuman.
2. Recitation of Hanuman Chalisa or other Strothras of Sani and doing Japa or reciting the  Moola mantra of Sani.
3. Donating Gingili oil to temples.
4. Burning sesame lamp at Sani Temple.
5. Fasting on Saturdays.
 Brahmanda Purana” says that chanting the following sloka can relieve all the ill effects of Saturn.
 “ Suryaputhro Deerghadeho Vishaalaakshah Shivapriyah |Mandachaarah Prasannathmaa peedam harathu me Shanih ||
 Saturdays are the most appropriate days for worshipping Lord Sani with an offering of black cloth. Those who have afflicted Saturn in their horoscope should wear Blue Sapphire and burn sesame lamp on Saturdays for Lord Sani. This, is believed, would alleviate the adverse effects to a great extent. Favourable influence of Lord Sani will result in many fortunes and benefits like good health, success in all endeavours, peace of mind, proper respect from members of the family and relations, prosperity, interest and enthusiasm in life. The worship of Lord Hanuman is considered a panacea for the harsh effects of Sani because Lord Hanuman is said to have rescued Lord Sani from the clutches of demon-king Ravana.
  Predictions for Individual Signs
 ARIES (Ashwini, Bharani and Krithika – 1)
In general, Saturn in the 8th is considered unfavourable as this is not a good house for Saturn to occupy. Fortunately, for a major phase of this transit Saturn comes under the benefic aspect of Jupiter from Cancer. Further, Saturn being Swarna Moorthi, under the Moorthi Nirnaya method, is also favourable. In my view, afflictions due to Saturn are given an exaggerated picture by Astrologers tending to cause fear psychosis.
 Personal & Domestic
Expenditure tends to be ahead of income. Little bit of strife in family life is indicated. Care is needed while doing outdoor activities or driving or while boarding a bus. Those who drive two-wheelers need to be cautious. Ashtama Shani tends to cause low-back pain, ligament tear, sprains and muscle pull. It is important that bike riding and carrying weights is minimized.
 Career & Business
Though people in your office tend to be jealous, promotions come your way. You may avail leave and go for a pilgrimage. Foreign posting is likely. Workload may become heavy leading to stress. Appreciation for good work done by you, will not come from your bosses. Patience and hard work will reward you with success. Partnership business will not flourish. Expansion and merger proposals will tend to get delayed.
 Attention on studies gets diverted. More effort is required to get marks. Though you will make good progress initially, as days go by, obstacles and fear of failure tends to affect your performance. Though you get encouragement from parents and teachers, you will still find it difficult to overcome your inhibitions.
Heated arguments at home, difference of opinion with spouse and children and friction with in-laws tend to disturb domestic peace and harmony. You tend to take hasty decisions. Working women tend to get encouragement and praise for their punctuality and discipline. For unmarried girls, this is a testing phase as good proposals tend to get dislodged for no clear reason.

Vedic Remedies
Visit to Thirunallar is very essential to overcome the adverse transit of Saturn termed as “Ashtama Shani”. Here is the procedure: Take a black piece of cloth, some new and some old clothes for doing charity, one coconut, sum of money for donation and another sum of money for charity.
1. Wash your feet or if possible take bath in Nala Theertham. Leave the black cloth in Nala Theertham.
2. Break the coconut and worship “Kali Theertha Vinayagar”.
3. Worship Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva (as Dharbaranyeshwarar) and LordShani Bhagwan. Drop the sum of money in the Temple Hundi.
 4. To some deserving person, donate new clothes.
 5. If beggars are found, give them money as charity and old clothes for their use.
6. Please note that after visiting Thirunallar, you need to go home directly without visiting anyone’s house or any other temple.
TAURUS (Krithika – 2,3,4, Rohini & Mrigashrisha – 1,2)
Saturn in the 7th causes trouble to life partner, struggles in job front, danger during travel and fatigue. One has to struggle hard to overcome unforeseen hurdles and issues. However, the saving grace comes in the form of Jupiter’s aspect on Saturn in the initial phase of its transit and neutralizes much of the evil.
 Personal & Domestic
Marital harmony is disturbed. Health of spouse is a matter of concern. Teenagers who are currently having an affair, tend to get setbacks due to unfavourable response from their sweet hearts. Expenditure is caused by medical bills, children’s education and holiday tours. Court cases and litigation matters tend to get delayed or adverse decisions from the judiciary. Sustained effort is needed for ventures to succeed. You will undertake pilgrimages and trips to foreign countries for sightseeing.
 Career & Business
Promotions tend to get postponed. Transfers to undesirable posts and places appears likely. You will be affected pin pricks from colleagues and lack of appreciation from bosses. Businessmen will find the going tough. Disturbances in marital life will cause stress on the job front. Partnership ventures will not be successful. Labour unrest and lack of cooperation from subordinates will affect the business.
Students face lots of distractions to studies. Ties with opposite sex leads to wastage of time and resources. Due to trips and social occasions, one is forced to take leave, resulting in classes getting missed and studies piling up. One has to burn the mid-night oil to succeed.
Working women face difficulties due to health problems. Due to lack of harmony at home, work appears stressful. Unmarried girls will have to wait for a while before wedding bells ring. Money gets spent on payment of capitation fees.
 Vedic Remedies
Offer gingelly oil to Shani Temple. Visit Shiva Temple on Mondays and Saturdays. Chant Dasaratha Shani Stotram daily. Every day, during sunset time, chant the following mantra:-
“Neelanjana Samabhasam
Raviputram Yamagrajam
Chaya Marthanda Sambhootham
Tham Namami Sanaiswaram”
 GEMINI (Mrigashrisha – 3,4, Ardra, Punarvasu – 1,2,3)

You are about to enter a golden phase in your life. You become the “Man with the Midas touch”. Make hay while the Sun shines. All your cherished dreams meet with success. You remain true to your word. Whatever you say, tends to come true. The icing on the cake is the aspect of Jupiter on Saturn, which ensures that you don’t miss the mark this time. “Fasten your seat belts, get set and go!” for a magnificent journey.
 Personal & Domestic
You will have the courage and strength to go ahead with your plans. You will taste success in all spheres of activity. Windfalls are likely. You enjoy extraordinarily good health and you are in the best of moods. Good news tends to come to you from every direction. You tend to doubt whether all this is true or just an illusion. Friends will be a great source of help.
 Career & Business
You reach dizzy heights in your career. For those on the verge of becoming Executive Director, Managing Director, CEO or COO, this is the year to watch out for. Long pending dues and bills will be recovered. You tend to develop business skills which will yield excellent results in future.
You will give improved performances this year. You will get success in CA, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and IIT-JEE. Overseas studies will be favourable. You will be encircled by friends at all times. You will get numerous Facebook requests and you will not get time to respond to e-mails.
You will enjoy domestic happiness and conjugal bliss of a very high order. Working women tend to get promotion. You will get transfer to desirable parts and places.
Vedic Remedies
What you need to do, is not a remedy as such, but a Pooja which functions as a catalyst and energizes the positives to yield manifold results. Visit Thirukollikadu where Lord Shani is not just a remedy-giver but one who blesses devotees with good fortune. By visiting  Thirukollikadu, you will get the twin blessings of Lord Shaneeshwara Bhagwan as well as Goddess Mahalakshmi. Recite Kanakhadhara Stotram daily. Offer Til oil to Lord Shiva Temple on Saturdays.

 CANCER (Punarvasu – 4, Pushyami and Ashlesha)
 Saturn in 5 is detrimental as far as matters connected to Love, Children and Speculation is concerned. Further, the evil effects are maximised as Saturn is Loha Moorthi. Due to the benign aspect of Jupiter on Saturn, you will have the courage and confidence to overcome much of the evils that are attributable to Saturn’s transit over the 5th.
 Personal & Domestic
While mental worries and depression are indicated, prayers can offset your anxiety and fears. You may face various obstacles to your ventures. You may not escape quarrels. Senior citizens in your family may need medical checkups. Wedding of a Son or Daughter will bring cheer to the family. You will recover from illness and succeed over your enemies. Friends will be of great help to you. Your life partner may be hospitalized for delivery.
Career & Business
Work pressures tend to build up. You may not be in a fit mood to shoulder additional responsibilities. You could get a promotion, thanks to a favourable court judgement. You may get an award from the Company or Government. Businessmen will overcome all their problems. Old court cases get settled in your favour. You will gain through partnership business. Speculative transactions yield marginal profits only. It is better not to indulge in speculation where you don’t get authentic information. This is a good year for IT Professionals.
You tend to score well in competitive exams. If you need to score more marks, please get rid of anxiety and fear psychosis. Girls tend to do better than boys.
Love affairs culminate into weddings.
A testing time, both at home and office. One is lucky in terms of promotions and opportunities. However, routine work tends to get delayed. Husband’s job becomes a source of concern. Due to financial problems of family members, one is forced to shoulder extra burden.
Vedic Remedies
As Saturn is in Poorvapunya sthana in Gochara, it tends to activate the effects of bad deeds committed in previous births. The best remedy to overcome sins is to chant Rudram-Chamakam daily. Listening to the above mantra will also give excellent results. Those who are ritualistically inclined can do Rudram-Chamakam homam.

LEO (Magha, Purvaphalguni and Uttaraphalguni – 1)
Saturn in 4 is technically called Ardhashtama Shani. “Ardha” means half and “Ashtama” means eight. So, “Ardhashtama” means half of eight, meaning four. As discussed earlier, Saturn is Tamra Moorthi for Leo, meaning it delivers mediocre results for Leo borns. It throws many challenges and tends to disrupt domestic harmony. It tests one’s patience and self-confidence. Despite these negative features, in an overall sense, the present transit of Saturn over Scorpio may not be felt as negative by Leo borns, due to the aspect of Jupiter from Cancer, which neutralizes much of its malefic qualities.
 Personal & Domestic
Health of parents needs attention and proper care. One’s own health and moods suffer ups and downs. You will enjoy better financial position as compared to Saturn in Libra. Health of children could cause worry.
 Career & Business
You will get promotion, which is overdue. You could get transferred to a place which you don’t prefer. Change of Job or Profession is likely. You could go on excursions or picnics with office colleagues. There will be delay in implementation of projects.
Higher education is possible in a foreign country. Romance could divert attention of students from subjects to outings. Students could land up in cozy jobs in Private Sector.
Working women find the going smooth. They have the support of their husbands for success at career. Promotion is likely. Children tend to become cooperative. They bring immense joy to your family.
Vedic Remedies
Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily. Visit Shaneeshwara Temple at Madanapalli. Wear Blue Sapphire to overcome negative effects of Saturn. Please consult a family Astrologer before doing so as some individuals may not be benefitted by Blue Sapphire as much as they are by another lucky Gem. 
VIRGO (Uttaraphalguni – 2,3,4, Hasta and Chitra)
You are now going to receive the benign smile of Dame luck. The Sun is now going to shine brightly over your head. Your Sade Sathi is going to get over. The storm is over, the grey clouds are disappearing fast and the bright sun is now going to appear in your firmament – what more can the Goddess of fortune do for you? You, not only bring luck to yourself but also to those around you. As a double whammy, even Jupiter is going to get into your 11th (as Ekadasha Brihaspathi) bringing prosperity and happiness to you in abundance. So, relax and enjoy – the world is at your feet.
 Personal & Domestic
One’s status in society goes up. Purchase of car or a house is indicated. Family members turn helpful. One gets the support of seniors and higher officials. Insurance compenSathion comes without difficulty. Pay hike is indicated. Trips abroad which had got delayed tend to materialize. Children are a source of happiness. Spiritual pursuits succeed. Chances of going for a pilgrimage appear bright. Dips in holy waters is likely. There is a chance that you may visit Far East countries like Bali Islands, Singapore, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.
]Career & Business
You will regain what you have lost in earlier years. You get new ideas which become fruitful. You will get a windfall. Birth of a child is possible and this could result in some expenditure which could be termed as “Subha Viraya”. You could purchase a house, land or a vehicle. Enemies turn friends. You enjoy the support of your boss. You could resign your job and become a consultant.
As Jupiter and Saturn are both favourable, even little efforts yield excellent results. You will get admission to prestigious institutions. Those seeking admissions to US Universities get seat with aid and scholarship.
Whatever be your field of work, you will flourish. Working women get transfer to their native place. You will get pick up and drop facility from your office. Spinsters will get married.
Vedic Remedies
Chant “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times daily. 
LIBRA (Chitra – 3,4, Swati, Vishaka – 1,2,3)
You are in the last lap of Sade Sathi. You have patiently withstood onslaught  of Saturn for the past 5 years. Exercise patience and tolerance for another 21/2 years and get rid of this problem for the next 22 years. While there is a perception that Shani leaving a Sign is a blessing, some Scholars take the view that Saturn and Moon give their effects in the last phase of their transit (Sun and Mars in their initial stages, Venus and Jupiter in the middle, give their effects). Hence, as the saying goes, “No game is over till the last ball is bowled”, your troubles are not over yet; you need to wait till January, 2017.
 Personal & Domestic
Your speech could lead you to trouble. Don’t stand surety for others. Don’t give collateral security for third party loans. Don’t give loans unless you trust the borrower. Domestic harmony could be disrupted by petty quarrels. Those with diminishing eye sight need to take recommendations about cataract from a good ophthalmologist.
 Career & Business
This could be a challenging phase in your career. Promotions could be difficult. Even with promotions, salary will not meet your expectations. Domestic commitments make it difficult for you to go on a well deserved holiday. Speculation will not yield expected returns.
You tend to become lazy that could hurt your performance. Whatever you study, you will not remember on the examination day. Attempts to go overseas for higher studies could meet with failure.
Work pressure at office and lack of domestic help would give you stress. Chronic problems, especially related to gynaecology resurface. Working women find the going tough.
Vedic Remedies
Paying a visit to Thirumala and offering worship to Lord Balaji would be useful. Two temples nearby, namely, Varahaswamy Temple and Thiruchnoor Padmavathy Temple need to be visited.

 SCORPIO (Vishaka – 4, Anuradha, Jyeshta)

You are now directly under the influence of Janma Shani. Danger from poison, imprisonment, fire, misery, loss of wealth, travelling in a foreign land, disease and setbacks to health are said to be the probable effects of Janma Shani. I, for one, beg to differ and I will now share a couple of factors which could prove the traditionalists wrong. For a significant portion of the Transit, Saturn is under the benign aspect of Jupiter. This removes much of its sting. Secondly, when we give a combined interpretation using Gochara and Ashtakavarga, if your chart shows Saturn getting four or more bindus in Scorpio, transit of Saturn would get good results only. Finally, if you are born in an ascendant sign, for which Saturn is a functional benefic, its evil propensity would be greatly reduced. In a write-up of this nature, it is possible to give results in a generalized way. How it affects each individual is a different story altogether.
 Personal & Domestic
Problems could crop up on all sides and threat of failure looms large. Health and expenditure are areas of concern. It is advisable to avoid eating outside as far as possible. Consumption of Tea, Coffee, Alcohol and Processed foods should be reduced. Staying awake at night is not recommended. Court cases could go against you. Funds become scarce and opportunities for earning money dwindle.
Career & Business
Promotions get delayed. There is stagnation in business. Job Sathisfaction will not be there. If you resign, you may not get another job. Transfer to undesirable places is likely. New projects get delayed. Speculation will not yield desirable results. Overall, this is a period of stagnation in career.
Romance is on the cards, but will eventually lead to disappointment. Studies get affected by distractions. There could be problems with other students in the campus. Overall, setbacks to studies is possible.
Women suffer from mood swings. Problems with opposite sex is likely. Work gets strenuous. Efforts go unrewarded. Bosses turn hostile and unappreciative. Travel becomes weary and time-consuming.
Vedic Remedies
Read Hanuman Chalisa daily. Recite Shani Chalisa and Shani Ashtottaram. Visit Shani Temple at Shani Singanapur. Observe Shani Pradosam vrath.
SAGITTARIUS (Moola, Poorvashada, Uttarashada – 1)
 Saturn gives unwanted expenditure, while in 12. Your enemies are likely to work overtime to gully your reputation. You get fatigued soon. Further, Jupiter in 8, Rahu in 10 and Saturn in 12 is perhaps the “worst case scenario”, you should ideally be looking to avoid. The saving grace comes out of Jupiter’s aspect on Saturn.
Personal & Domestic
Your fortunes tend to dip. Expenditure takes a toll of scarce resources. Health becomes a matter of concern. Domestic peace is vitiated by petty quarrels. Housing loan repayments become a matter of concern. Due to escalating costs of higher education and capitation fees, your outlay on education of children goes up. You tend to become extravagant on matters which are of no use to you. Spouse’s relatives become a source of expenditure. Overall, a period you tend to live without  much Satisfaction.
Career & Business
Promotions tend to get delayed or postponed. Allegations of fraud and misappropriation could be leveled against you. Those working in Banks and Financial institutions need to be particularly careful in decision making. Foreign postings prove hazardous and may not have the necessary charm.
Concentration gets disturbed. You spend more time with your friends and do more of gossip and merry making. Chances of falling for vices is very high. You tend to spend money recklessly on outings with the opposite sex. Those riding two-wheelers should be careful and avoid rash driving.
You will feel the pressure both at home and at office. You tend to lose punctuality and you are forced to go late due to various pre-occupations at home. Difference of opinion crop up at home and at office. You feel like being victimized, for no fault of yours. Spinsters find marriage proposals eluding them. Foreign based grooms keep you on tenterhooks. Relationships with immediate relatives become a matter of concern.
Vedic Remedies
Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam every day. Pay a visit to Sri Krishna Temple at Guruvayur & Lord Shiva Temple at Mammiyoor. Chant Shani Sahasranamam on Saturdays. Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi at around sunset time on Fridays to curb unwanted expenditure. Feed the poor, help the needy, give donation to destitute homes and support Shiva Temples as much as possible. 
CAPRICORN (Uttarashada – 2,3,4, Shravana, Dhanishta – 1,2)

You are now on the verge of a golden phase in your life. The two major planets whose movements influence the Gochara, i.e., Saturn and Jupiter, shower their blessings upon you in abundance. Saturn in 11, Jupiter in 7 and Ketu in 3 are all poised to bless you with success in career, inflow of funds, celebrations in your family, birth of children and happy conditions at home. You could go on a long-awaited holiday trip.

Personal & Domestic
You will taste success on all fronts. Problems disappear all of a sudden. You get help from all sources. Chances of purchasing a house or a vehicle is likely. You will invest funds in Gold and Long-term securities. Eligible bachelors get married. Wedding bells ring for those in romance, with the consent of their sweethearts. Your children will be fortunate to get scholarship from Foreign Universities. You participate in social events and public occasions.
Career & Business
You will get promotion along with increment. You get transferred to a friendly place. Your subordinates and colleagues give you cent percent support and collaboration. You become a popular figure in your office. You get name, fame and recognition for your work.
You will have an enjoyable time at school and college. You come out with flying colours in examinations. You tend to participate in college events, cultural festivals and extra-curricular activities. You will get to become a class leader or school / college pupil leader.
You enjoy work, getting cooperation from all sides. Promotions is likely. You get the full support of your husband and children. Your daughter becomes a major source of your strength. You get involved in doing work for women’s organizations.
Vedic Remedies
Offer prayers to Lord Shiva on Mondays and Lord Shani on Saturdays. Offer betel leaf garland to Lord Hanuman on Mangalvaar (Tuesdays). Worship Lord Vishnu and chant the Taraka Mantra of Sri Ramachandra Moorthy.
 ACQUARIUS (Dhanishta – 3,4, Shathabhisha, Poorvabhadrapad – 1,2,3)
 Saturn in the 10th is an early indication of loss of honour, humiliation, loss of employment, trouble from superiors and troubled conditions at home and at office. You tend to indulge in evil deeds which could cause trouble at a later date. The saving grace in the initial months of transit would be the aspect of Jupiter which reduces the malefic effects Saturn in a big way. 
Personal & Domestic
Your financial position does not look sound and could create troubles. You will have difficulty in repayment of Housing Loans and Car Loan. Relationship with spouse and family members looks fairly disturbed. Creditors compel you to repay loans. Programs get cancelled at the last minute.
 Career & Business
You could face trouble at work. Your career runs into rough weather. Quarrels with subordinates arise for no reason. You are given impossible tasks. You are blamed for no fault of yours. Businessmen should be cautious while running their day-to-day affairs. Partnership business runs into rough weather. Speculation business is not advisable.
Students tend to waste their time rather than focus on studies. Relationships with opposite sex runs into rough weather leading to needless quarrels and unpleasantness. The current phase is not conductive for overseas studies.
Marital discord and unpleasant conditions prevail at home. Funds tend to be wasted on dress and ornaments. Children turn disobedient and become a source of needless expenditure. Wedding of girls tend to get delayed.
Vedic Remedies
Worship Lord Saturn on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Donate food in charity on Saturdays. Recite Shani Sahasranamam on Saturday evenings. Chant Swayamvara Parvati Stotra daily. 
PISCES (Poorvabhadrapad – 4, Uttarabhadrapad, Revathi)
There is an age old joke about who is an optimist and who is a pessimist. An optimist is a person who says the glass is half-full, while a pessimist claims it is half-empty. Both of them are correct but perceptions vary. Should we say that it is good that Ashtama Shani is over or shall we brood over the fact that Navama Shani is about to begin? Whichever way you look at it, this is a period which marks great reduction to your problems, health issues, concerns and troubles you have faced in the last 21/2 years. The aspect of Jupiter falls on Saturn, on the 11th house and your Janma Rasi. All these houses are crucial and mark the beginning of a benevolent phase in your life.
Personal & Domestic
Your wealth position increases. You spend more time, attention and money on your children. Long pending travel plans materialize. Your family members turn supportive. You get more time to focus on spiritual pursuits.
Career & Business
Despite obstacles, a long overdue promotion materializes. You get foreign postings, which though give you some problems also benefit you monetarily. You have to be vigilant in your work during latter half of Saturn’s movement into Scorpio, when it will lose the benefit of Jupiter’s benefic aspect. Cordial relations prevail at home, though occasional bouts of friction cannot be ruled out.
Students focus on their studies but still their concentration is below optimum levels. Through coercion, romantic ties get converted to weddings. You face opposition at home. Friends turn unhelpful.
Career women have a tough time balancing their jobs at home and at office, but still they succeed. Children become more demanding and obsessed with their priorities.
Vedic Remedies
Read Hanuman Ashtothram daily. Recitation of verses from Sundara Khandam would be helpful. Read Shani Chalisa daily.


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