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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Dear Members, this article is so interesting that I just couldn't resist translating it into English and posting it here.

The greatness of Periava lies in the fact that He hid His superhuman power from the eyes of ordinary people like us. As once Ra.Ganapathy anna said, Periava was a reincarnation of Sri Anjaneya, who combined superhuman power and utmost humility ,within Himself. The following incident is an evidence to that.


As narrated by Smt. Maithili.

‘Sri Rudra Thrisathi Bilvarchanai’ was performed to Sri Chandramouleeswara Swami in SriMatam (showering the idol of Sri ChandraMouleeswarar with Bilva leaves.) on a daily basis.

The leaves of Bilva tree must be fresh, should not have any holes in them and each bunch should contain three leaves.

One of the main tasks in the preparations for Periava’s Daily Pooja, is selecting and segregating fresh, good Bilva leaves for the ‘Archana’. As it is a very important task, a separate person will be entrusted with this specific responsibility. Even this person who is entrusted with this special responsibility used to called by the nick name ‘VILVAM’!

Due to some reason, the amount of Bilva leaves was slowly diminishing day by day. All the Bilva trees in Kanchipuram were losing their fertile growth and started whithering. Although Bilva trees were there in Siva temples, bringing Bilva leaves from Siva temples is forbidden .
But Periava will ask if the amount of the leaves is less than the requirement. What to tell Him?

One day, when an opportunity came, the attendant told Periava, “There are no leaves in any Bilva trees in the homes in Kanchi; there are only branches”.

“Ask the Hindi Pundit” was Periava’s reply.

The attendant made a sarcastic noise , ‘tsoe!’ and thought, ‘Hindi Pundit knows Hindi, may be English, Tamil and Samskrit; does he know Bilva tree?’ 

But it was Periava’s order and hence could not be ignored!

“Pundit swami! Are you aware of any Bilve tree anywhere else other than the houses in Kanchi?”----The attendant asked the Hindi Pundit.

Father was thrilled at hearing this!

What happened about ten days ago came back to his mind!

Father was teaching Hindi to a Moslem teacher, at that time
The place was the Municipal park-----that is where one gets some peaceful time; no interference by others; a place abandoned by people! Where there was wild growth of crotans ; whithering plants due to paucity of water.

But among these, what was that dense green bush there!

‘Bilva tree!’

Do they grow Bilve tree in the park also? It doesn’t fit!

Oh! What is it to me?

But this has registered in the depth of his mind.

“Pundit Swami! Bilva tree?”----reminded the attendant.

“Come with me! I will show you the place!”

He took him to the park and showed the place.

Later for a good number of days the leaves from that tree were taken for the “Archana’.

After two days, I asked my father, “ How did Periava know that the Hindi pundit knew where the Bilva tree, which others couldn’t notice, was ?”

My father laughed and said, “ This is one of Periava’s Leelas!”

“Where is Leela in this, father? Periava must have guessed that Hindi pundit may know where are Bilva trees, as he has a lot of friends, visits a lot of places, performs Shiva Pooja; Therefore he will remember even if a Bilva tree exists in an invisible corner---with this guess, he might have asked to enquire with you?”—was my defiant reply.

“No Maithili! This is a rare and unique ‘Sidhdhi’!”

“ If so, He might have known that a Bilva tree exists in the park! Why ask you?”

My father was enjoying my counter argument!

“Look Maithili, not only the Bilva tree, but this great universe itself is within His knowledge! It is the greatness of Periava, that He is hiding this superhuman power from others!”

Suppose, He has told the attendant that there is a Bilva tree in the municipal park, what then? Do you know what would have happened? The attendant would have gone and announced this great discovery to one and all with a trumpet! “Periva, who has not gone near the vicinity of the municipal park, knew that there was a Bilve tree there, Periava is a Sidhdha!”

I am an instrument used by Him to avoid this unnecessary and avoidable clamour! Reason? ’Let the truth come out through me’---thinking thus, He gave me all the credit, pushed me to the front and hid Himself from the eyes of the world!”

My heart overwhelmed with emotions; I wiped my eyes! I was too young to understand such lofty principles!

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