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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Periyava blessing continues!!! by Sri Raguramprasad

Email message forwarded by our respected member Sri Raguramprasad ()

My mother was living in Kumbakonam and i was living at chennai during March 2013. My mother used to suffer a lot with periarithritc pain and once she appeared in my dream and fired me for not giving proper care for her. In turn, i am also shouting at my mother. In the next day morning, unknowingly, i called some of my friends at kumbakonam and requested them to arrange for a physiotherapist to visit my mother at home and give treatment for her. At that time i was jobless and was running one of my toughest times financially. Finally it was arranged and the physiotherapist started giving WAX therapy and ultrasound treatment for pain and my mother started feeling better. Inspiteof my financial crisis, i arranged the money for the treatment. Treatment was over in a weeks' time.
On a day of pradosham, may be in March 13', Maha periyava appeared in my dreams and i would like to narrate the conversation as such. This dream happened after my mother's treatment was over, in a weeks' time.

I was hurriedly entering in to a temple or house, where i saw maha periyava sitting there. Opposite to PERIYAVA, my son is sitting there like a 2-year-old baby. Now my son is 15 years old. At that time, somebody is crossing maha periyava, carrying food or prasadams in a very big vessel.


MY SON SAYS," APPA,SAADAM KULAIVA IRRUKANUMA!(He says it in a childish way and in a rhythmic way)

At this juncture, periyava smiles at him and asks me,"ivan yaru? unnoda paiyana?

I said yes and bowed my head in front of periyava and did namaskaram.

Then periyava took few Indian currency notes from a plate and gave it to me. 

(I got surprised and gossiped, when the whole world is pouring money at his lotus feet in crores, but here periyava is giving money to me)

Then maha periyava took few chocolates from a plate and he gave that also to me.

I said in a confused mood, "Theriyathu"
Suddenly, few ladies got up and they prepared a big plate like structure with the help of bannana leaf or beetel nut leaves or lotus leaves, (i am not sure)
Then periyava asked me, "KAIYILA THEEPPETTY VACHINDU IRRUKIYA? (do you have a match box with you?)

I wokeup from the bed shockingly and with little palpitation. After that for half an hour, my eyes were with full of tears because i am running one of my toughest times now, but i got the hope. Whenever, i narrate this incident to someone, i start stammering with full of tears.
Nowadays, i think about periyava as much time as possible.

Maha periyava used to say,"Those who give proper care for their parents will be blessed abundantly and it became true in my life.

Periyava blessing continues!!!

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