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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Maha Periyaval’s telepathic powers.

Author: Prof S.Kalyanaraman, Neurosurgeon , Chennai

On several occasions I have learnt of Maha Periyaval’s telepathic powers.

Once my father’s biksha vandanam was fixed for a particular day in a town. The previous evening at about six O’ clock several persons from that town came to Maha Periyaval and requested that they may be permitted to do Samashti biksha vandanam the next day.

Maha Periyaval said “The Dental Surgeon Dr. Subramanian will be coming”! The devotees said “Usually he comes the previous afternoon itself. May be, he is held up at work and will not be able to come; Maha Periyaval replied “You go out and see. He is just entering”. And sure enough my father appeared on the scene in a few seconds.

At Sholapur I had the very unique opportunity of spending nearly an hour with Maha Periyaval alone. He questioned me on a number of scientific and medical topics.

His Holiness: Just before extinguishing, the flame of a lamp it burns brightly. Why does that happen?

I replied I do not know.

His Holiness: I have asked this question to a number of persons including physicists. Nobody seems to know the answer.

On that occasion He told me that sometimes when a devotee wrote a letter to Him, He was able to know what the devotee was writing as if the letter was being written in His presence. He asked me for the scientific explanation of this phenomenon.

I replied that there was no scientific explanation as yet, although some cases of transfer of thought telepathically from one person to another have been authentically recorded.

A very senior general surgeon from Karnataka, well-known for his services to poor patients recounted this incident to me. He said he was traveling one evening with his wife and children by car on a rather lonely highway. Suddenly there was a torrential rain and visibility became quite poor. He was able to proceed only very slowly and by about 11 p.m. he reached a small village. There was a bright light in one of the houses on the road and some persons were standing on the road outside the open door. The Surgeon stopped the car and got out to enquire whether there was any nearby hotel or guest house where he could stay overnight. The person asked him whether he was a doctor and whether he had come with his family. He replied “Yes”. The people said we have been waiting for you for more than two hours. Food is ready. Please come in, have your dinner and take rest. He was very surprised and asked whether any of them were his former patients and had recognized him. They said “please come and have food first. Let the children take rest. We will answer all your questions after dinner”.

Half an hour later when everyone had taken their dinner, they told him, “We heard earlier in the day that Maha Periyaval was going to a nearby town through this village to his next camp. We had prepared food for Him and the Mutt people. However, when He came, we requested Him to stop here, take rest and then proceed. He said that He had to reach the town on time before the rains started. However He added that, late at night a doctor with his family would be coming by car and that they would be tired and would need rest. He told us to look after these guests. So we have been waiting for you more than two hours wondering when you would come”.

This doctor had never seen Maha Periyaval earlier. After this event he visited the Mutt and became a great devotee.

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