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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

kAkka, kAkka, aRaneRi kAkka:

protecting dharma
author:....... from the darshan magazine
compiler:..... T.S.KOthaNDarAma sarma
translator.... saidevo
source:....... MahA PeriyavAL darisana anubhavangaL v03-pp056-058
publisher:.... VAnathi Padhippaham (May 2005 Edition)
type:......... book, Tamizh 

There are some visheSha dharmAnuShThAnas--distinct disciplines of dharma, meant for the saMnyAsins--ascetics. In that, for a tuRavi--(tam)ascetic, sitting as the pIThAdhipati--pontiff, there are severe disciplines and restraints.

A morning time at shrIMaTham, KAnchIpuram, a quarter of a century back. There was not much crowd of aDiyArs--(tam)devotees, on that day.

When MahAPeriyavAL was giving darshan, a sumanggali--married woman with a living husband, came like AmbAL who hasn't been decorated. She went straight to PeriyavAL and prostrated. As she got up her eyes were filled with sudden tears.

Some personal matter or problem or obstacle--she stands for guidance hoping for a private audience with PeriyavAL.

Her eyes beg: 'Why don't you let your look of affection fall on me?' Her lips tremble: 'Can't you listen what I would tell you?'

The aruLarasar--king of compassion, indeed wanted to listen to her. But then the vidhi--injunction that he should not talk alone with a woman restraints him?

The ammaiyAr--(tam)motherly woman, without moving from her place, was gushing tears. Only if she moves away could the other devotees waiting, can get near PeriyavA. How long should this predicament last?

With a snap of fingers, PeriyavA called a personal assistant. "Look for a man here who is stone deaf..."

The assistant was a fortunate man! He found a stone deaf man in a few seconds!

"Do one kAryam--thing. When he comes with that ammAL--motherly woman, call him by name clapping your hands. From his response if he turns his head to look at you, we can understand if he is really a deaf man..."

[In this tantra--trick/stratagem, that PeriyavAL taught him, there is a hidden meaning. Suppose the assistant, in some loss of interest, brings some man before PeriyavA telling him, 'You just stand before PeriyavA as a deaf man, that would be enough'? That would become a saMkaTam--embarrassment/discomposure for the ammaNi--(tam)motherly woman, who wants to discuss her family matters. So, an advice to test the deafness!]

With the stone deaf man standing near her, that ammaiyAr poured out all the Atangkam--affliction of mind, within her.

The karuNAmUrti--image of compassion. who was listening to her in patience, sent her away giving prasAdam and thus honouring her. Tears were (still) seen in the ammaiyAr's eyes, but those were tears of joy! Only the piRaichUDi--(Shiva) who wears the crescent moon, has answered her!

After the ammaiyAr left receiving prasAdam, a gesture to the deaf man, 'You too can go now.'

At the same time the tuRavu neRi--discipline of asceticism, was protected, it became possible to do pAlanam--nourish, a sumanggali with his aruL--compassion!

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