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Monday, March 10, 2014

“You have given me Moksham Appa!”

There was an old lady who daily used to clean the area at the entrance to the Kanchi Matam, using cowdung mixed with water and put Kolams there. She never used to entered the Matam, and would leave once her job is done.

One day, Swamigal who was performing the Chandramouleeswara pooja called out a kainkaryam boy. He gave him the Thulasi theertha prasadam in a container and told him,
“That old lady who puts the kolams is now resting at the Mandapam outside the Ekambareshwarar temple and is thirsty. 

Give this Holy Theertham to her!”

The boy took with him the Prasadam and located the lady who was sitting at the exact spot mentioned by Swamigal!

“Hey Lady, Swamigal asked me to give this Theertha Prasadam to you!”, said the boy, nonchalantly.

Delighted, she exclaimed,
“He has sent you at the right time, how did He know that I needed it now?”

and partook the Prasadam longingly and cried out,
“You have given me Moksham Appa!”

A few minutes later, she shed her frail body and attained His Lotus Feet.

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