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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The position of the Guru means....

"My daughter is almost past the marriageable age. For the past four years, I have looked at every horoscope possible. I have a huge bulk of the horoscopes of prospective grooms". Humour laced the apparent concern in the devotee's voice. Not one horoscope matched the girl's horoscope. The moment the horoscopes of the prospective groom and the girl was handed over to the astrologer, he would purse his lips in displeasure. 'The young man's horoscope is excellent,' he would say. "But it does not match our Kamala's horoscope".

Since they could not get the gracious glance of the planets, the parents came to Kanchipuram for the gracious glance of the guru.

"Do you now have the horoscope of any prospective groom?"

"Yes. The boy is of an excellent background, good-looking. Everyone is happy. But we have not yet gone to the astrologer. We are in fact scared to do so".

"Do you have the girl's horoscope?"


"Give me both".

The two were placed pefore Periyava. Periyava picked up both in his hands and looked at them for a moment.

"They match perfectly. You may perform the wedding".

The wedding went off very well.

Three months later the office in which the young man worked was promoting its personnel. The young man's horoscope was given to the astrologer to take a look at his prospects.

"Nothing particularly remarkable about this.... Do you have his wife's horoscope?"

The astrologer studied the young lady's horoscope in detail.

"Sir, what an excellent match! It is extraordinary that such a match was made. This girl has great good fortune awaiting her. So one can give the assurance that your son will certainly get his promotion". He did so too.

The family rushed to Kanchipuram like a ball bouncing back from the wall.

"Periyava's grace.... the marriage took place... then this promotion...."

"What have I done?", Guru is in a benevolent position in the horoscope".

Yes, Indeed! Periyava is the benevolent guru.

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