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Thursday, February 13, 2014

"All that is fine, but what work do you do?!"

A few years back, my mother suffered a kind of haemorrage on the brain and went into deep coma. Doctors said that it may take weeks or even months for her to come out of it, if at all she does. 

The Acharyas had been camping in Haridwar at that time, 1997 Chaturmasyam. We sent word to Their Holiness and a person who was returning from Haridwar brought us some prasadams and a message. We kept the prasadams next to my mother's bed at the hospital, placed the kumkum prasad on her forehead and my brother and I, we took turns praying, saying Vishnu Sahasranamam by her side, continuously.

The 2nd night, she blinked her eyes halfway through the night and by morning, she was up and sitting and talking normally! The doctors said that we had been very lucky!

Faith, power and belief, even today, can move mountains. Let us all be firm in our faith and devotion!

On a lighter note, once, when the Acharyas had been visiting Delhi, I took my business partner, one Punjabi to meet with Their Holiness. When Sri Periyava asked him what he does for a living, this sweet talking Punjabi fellow replied, "Main to bus, Guruji, aapkey charanon mein hoon" (Me, Guruji, I am just lying at your feet).

Sri Periyaval, without missing a beat, replied, "Woh sab to theek hai, par kaam kya kartey ho?!". (All that is fine, but what work do you do?)

Vandey Guru Paramparaam!

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