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Friday, February 14, 2014

A story showing condition of humans engrossed in material world :-

Once narad ji asked shri hari vishnu that why does he not meet the people on earth. Shri hari replied that he is always eager to meet his true devotees but people actually themselves do not want to meet him. Naradji could not believe it. Then shri hari asked him to bring any person from earth to him who really wants to meet shri narayan. Naradji agreed to this.

Naradji started roaming on earth and finally decided to ask a farmer to come with him and meet shri hari in vaikunth lok. Naradji came to that farmer and told him that he could take him to shri hari. The farmer agreed but said to naradji that he would like to meet shri hari after his children are grown up. Naradji said "ok" and again reached the farmer after his children were grown up and asked him to meet shri hari. The farmer said that he would like to meet shri hari after his children get married. Naradji again waited and when his children were married asked the farmer about his wish. To meet god. The farmer, extremely engrossed in "maya" of this material world said that he would like to meet god once he becomes grandfather. And after he became grandfather, he told naradji that he would like to meet god once his grandchildren get married. And finally when his grandchildren got married, the farmer died one day.

After death, the farmer got rebirth as a bull in the same house of which he was the owner once. His children used him (as a bull) to work hard in the fields. Now narad ji again asked that bull to meet god. The bull replied that once his children earn a lot of wealth, he will definitely meet god. After some years, the bull also died and got rebirth as a snake in the same house. Now naradji again asked him. The farmer (in the form of snake) replied that since his family has become wealthy, there was a danger of thieves and he would like to protect his family from robberers. Now narad ji fully understood that the farmer did not actually want to meet shri hari and was just making excuses each time. Naradji told his family that a snake was living in their house. The family on hearing so, searched for that snake and on founding him, beat him very harshly with sticks extremely till death. Finally the farmer on getting rebirth in a much lower species asked narad ji that now he wanted to meet shri hari. But narad ji replied that now shri hari was very busy in meeting with his true devotees in vaikunth and had no time to meet that farmer.
Moral message :- a person can be able to reach the abode of god only with the power of pure and sincere devotion. Materially engrossed people can never get ultimate heavenly bliss.

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