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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Remarkable memory of Mahaperiva- A personal exp

In July 1988, I alongwith my friend decided to have darshan of Mahaperiva.

Early morning we left Chennai via bus to Kanchipuram. On reaching Kanchipuram we came to know that Mahaperiva is observing Chaturmasya in Orikkai. Immediately we took another bus and reached this small village which is about 11 KMs.

The village itself is so beatiful added to that it was sanctified with Mahaperiva's presence.

Immediately on reaching (around 10.30 AM) we could have a glimpse of Mahaperiva , fortunately only 10 to 15 visitors were present on that day being a weekday.

Within minutes Mahaperiva headed for morning pooja to one of the houses , outside of which a big tree (which is the back drop of now famous photo of Mahaperiva). All of us were informed that Mahaperiva will return and all of us were waiting.

Around 12.00 noon we saw Him retuning to the place and we had great opputunity to walk along with Him!!

Then Mahaperiva settled down and he was looking intently at each one of us via a small window and giving blessings! We are so blessed (and even till date, I keep meditating on this scene ) .

One by one we all prosrated telling who we are and Periva was silently giving blessing nodding his head.

Came my turn and introduced my self as "Kumbakonam Manthramuthi Ganesa Satrigal Peran (grandson of so and so...)" and prostrated. Immediately Mahaperiva informs me that "Nilambur Sundareswara Satrigalloda Moonavathu Thalaimurai-nnu Sollu!!!".

I was so astonished by not only his memory but he was indeed reading my mind as I was not sure whether I should refer to my Great grand father Nilambur Sundareswara Sastrigal or not!!!

This incident give me lot of messages whenever I meditate. Whatever good happens to me till date, it is because of my forefathers who have done lot of samskaras and sacrifices.

I would like to share some more such personal experiences and about my Great grand father.

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