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Thursday, January 9, 2014

netra sthAnam (The Eye Spot)

netra sthAnam (The Eye Spot)
author:... T.V. Swaminathan (in Tamil)
compiler:. T.S. Kothandarama Sarma
book:....... Maha PeriyavaL - Darisana AnubhavangaL vol. 4, pages 6-7
publisher: Vanathi Padhippaham

Pudu PeriyavaaL visited Kerala during the period 1971-72. When he visited Ernakulam, they arranged for a nagarvalam (going around the city). Pudu PeriyavaaL was going in a procession on the front row, sitting on the back of an elephant calf. Suddenly all the lights went off due to a power failure. The elephant calf was upset. Fortunately, within two or three mintues the lights came on. Meantime, Pudu PeriyavaaL had also got down from the elephant safely.

When the power failture happened, I rushed to my home and contacted the Electricity Board to find out the reason. As I came to know about the immediate restoration of power and was starting back to join the procession, there came a lightening call from Kanchi. Madras High Court Advocate A. Nagaraja Aiyer inquired. "Was there any confusion in the procession?"

I described what happened and inquired with surprise: "It is not even five mintures since it happened. How come you are ringing up about this incident?"

He narrated what transpired at Sivasthanam, where Sri PeriyavaaL was speaking these words to his people around: "Today the arrangements for the procession of Pudu SwamigaL are more elaborate than what they were when I did the yAtrA in the Malayala Desam forty-five years ago..." Suddenly Periyavar spoke with apparent irrelevance, "It has become very dark over there. The elephant is upset!" and started worrying. Periyavar suddenly ordered him to call me at Ernakulam and find out about what happened.

Was the Sivasthanam the netra sthAnam for PeriyavaaL?

(from the book by T.V. Swaminathan)

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