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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"How would I know that this was the boy my Guru has chosen for me?"

I was completely overwhelmed when I read the spiritual experiences of the devotees. I too decided to share an experience that is very dear to heart and induces goosebumps whenever I recall what happened!

My family has always been close to the mutt for generations.We grew up listening about Shri Periaval's glory and all our vacations definitely included a trip to the mutt. When my parents decided to start looking out for prospective grooms in the year 1990, my only fervent appeal to my Guru in my prayers was that I should know about His approval in some way or the other. Whichever boy my parents would choose would be from a reasonably good family and would be well-educated, sure, but how would I know that this was the boy my Guru has chosen?

Like most traditional South Indian families, my parents too passed the word around that they were looking out for good grooms to marry their daughter and one friend of my mother's suggested a boy from her family whom she thought would be a good match. My parents posted my horoscope to them and they reciprocated.

Our family astrologer lived in Chennai and when my relation went to meet him with the horoscope he was not there at home. So, he left the prospective groom's horoscope at the astrologer's house and went away planning to come another day. The next day when my relatives has gone to Kanchipuram for their regular darshan, they met the astrologer there who told them at Periaval's sannadhi that the horoscopes had matched excellently!

Then began the process of trying to get the groom and girl to meet. Since the boy was employed in Mumbai, his father wrote to us saying that the boy would come with his relations who lived locally to meet me and that if we liked each other everything could then be finalised.

Now in that letter the boy's father wrote he had written these exact words, "Mr. Chandrasekhar from Shri Kanchi with his wife Kamakshi will accompany the boy to see the girl! I was simply shell shocked when my mom showed the letter to me! Look at the way this great Guru listened to my humble prayer and showed His approval in so many myriad ways! Incidentally, that letter arrived on athursday, guruvaram!!

Isn't it incredible that my husband to be had an uncle by name Chandrashekar, lived in a building called Shri Kanchi and had a wife called Kamakshi? That letter was a symbol of my Guru's infinite grace and compassion and that is why I firmly believe in the adage "nambinavar keduvadilllai naan marai theerppu". Those who invest faith and believe steadfastly are always taken care of by the divine.


Author: Smt Gurupriya

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