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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Divine experience of Lord Muruga

Source: Sage of Kanchi blog

Today Jan 17th is Thaipusham. All the people throng in Lord Murugan temple to have His anughraham. We the Thiruppugazh anbargal a group of Guruji Raghavan, used to do bhajans for all Murugan festivalas along with Guruji. We used to select a temple and perform there. Guruji’s sishya Kalyani mami on every Krithikai used to have our bhajan along with us in Kapaleeshvarar temple Mylapore.. When she started singing bhajan a peacock used to come and sit on the beam of the Bhajan hall, I had noticed, not moving out till the bhajan’s harathi song . Could you believe this happening when 100s of people throng in a place singing loudly?! I felt Murugan’s presence there!

Myself had a divine experience of Lord Muruga 25 yrs back. when I was in Thirupparankundram Murugan temple reciting Vel viruttam, Mayil viruttam holding a book of Thiruppugazh in the month of Margazhi and watching Abhishekam of Vel. Lord Ayyappa’s devotees started coming in groups , so as to give way to them for their proper darshan I moved aside towards Devi’s sannidhi and continued Vel viruttam. When I was chanting viruttam closing my eyes, spreading both my arms as to have bhiksha, suddenly I felt some thing fall on my hands! Opened my eyes and saw a tejasvi Brahmin standing there and and hands full of vibhuti and I didn’t know to react!

He told me, “sing of Devi too”! Then I sang Devi manasa puja by Sri Andavan pichai ammal ( She was named thus by Periyava) and then saw that Brahmin had disappeared! Couldn’t find Him ANY WHERE!.Enquired people there about Him but in vain. The vibhuthi I had as prasadam was so full in my hands that I put it inside the sacred book I had.

After coming back home I noticed to my shock that the Vibhuti was in the shape of Vel inside the book! Along with it I was blessed with 2 Rs note that I am having in my Thiruppugazh book always and distributed the vibhuti to all. But the Vel mark is still there!

When I put tiles on the wall of puja gruham, the Vel & Mayil appeared the center tiles!

That is my bhaghyam in life due to PARAMACHARYAL’S ANUGHRAHAM.



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