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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Spicy Vegetable Cutlets:

Here’s the recipe of the vegetarian appetizer,  that is healthy & tasty too..!


To make Cutlets:

        Potato                      -2
         Coriander pwd          -1 tsp
        Red chilly pwd          - 1 tsp
        Ginger garlic paste    - 1 tbsp
        Carrot                       -2
        Bread crumbs           -2 tbsp
        Lemon juice              - ½ tsp
        Turmeric pwd            -¼ tsp
        Sliced cashew          -1 tbsp
       Beans                      -100 g
       Coriander leaves
      Salt to taste
      Cumin                      -1 tsp
      Oil                            -1 tsp
     All purpose flour       - 3 tbsp

     Bread crumbs           -1 ½ cup
    Oil to deep fry


1.   Prepare inner stuffing with vegetables mixture 

2.   Make small balls out of the mixture.

3.   Pat it flat to  small round shape . Also you can make it oval,heart shape or any  shape you desire.
4.  Take all purpose flour in a small cup.

5.   Add some water and make it smooth paste. (the paste shouldn’t be too thin)

6.  Keep the bread crumbs ready.

7.   I used spicy flavored bread crumbs, which is
available at Indian stores. You can also use plain bread crumbs for coating, which will be equally tasty.

8.  Now dip the shaped cutlets quickly in the all
purpose flour paste and roll it with bread crumbs.( also you can use beaten egg for dipping)

9.   Repeat the same with all the cutlets and kee itready for deep frying.

10.Heat oil in a frypan.

11.Drop the cutlets gently in hot oil.

12.Keep the flame on med-high flame and fry till it is golden in colour on both sides.

13.(Make sure the heat of the oil is adjusted well, else the cutlet may absorb oil.)

14.Drain on a paper towel.

15.Yummilicious Vegetable Cutlet is ready.

16.Enjoy hot with tomato ketch up or any of your favorite dips.

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