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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Some secrets about mehandi….

Mehandi has a very special significance when it comes to Indian weddings. In Hindu marriages, mehandi is one of the most auspicious ingredient which is used to adorn the bride. A day before the wedding, the women gather the henna leaves, make a paste out of it and carve out beautiful designs
on the palms of the bride.

Interestingly, mehandi is not a native art. It originated in the Middle East and was introduced in India by the Mughals in the 12th century. Earlier, mehandi was a royal tradition and means of the rich and nobles to decorate themselves. But gradually, it became popular over time and soon the art of mehandi became an integral part of Indian tradition.
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There is nothing very strictly spiritual or sacred about mehandi. Married as well as unmarried women can apply mehandi. But applying mehandi during a wedding is considered very auspicious. It is a symbol of prosperity and the bride is considered blessed if mehandi is put on her palms before
the wedding. Apart from all of these facts, there are also a few
superstitions related to mehandi. These superstitions related to mehandi are very popular in India.

Let us have look at these interesting superstitions related to mehandi in this slide show….

 Wear It Dark
There are no hard and fast rules of applying mehandi. However, one of the most popular superstition related to mehandi is that a deep coloured
mehandi on the bride's hand is a good sign for the couple. It is
believed that if the mehandi has a dark imprint on the bride's hand,
then her mother-in-law will love her more. To get this dark imprint, the
bride sits for hours with mehandi applied on their hands so that the
mehandi comes out dark in colour. 

What's in a Name?
Another popular superstition related to mehandi is the hidden inscription in the design. A bride's wedding mehandi usually has a hidden inscription
of the groom's name. The groom is supposed to find out the name within
the design. If he fails to locate his name, then it is believed that the
wife will be more dominant in the conjugal life. The wedding night is
not allowed to commence until the groom is successfully able to locate
his name in the bride's mehandi. 

The Wedding Bells
Another superstition related to mehandi is quite interesting. It is said that if an unmarried girl receives the scrapings of the mehandi leaves from a
bride, then she will soon find a suitable match for herself. So, these
were a few superstitions related to mehandi. If you know some more then
feel free to share it with us.

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