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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Mahaperiva's Divine Intervention in USA in 1990's:

During my stay in US between 1989-92, during my Master's program in Missouri State Columbia, that was the worst period of the US Economy where Kuwait and Iraq went to war, and US supported them, and the US Universities had trouble getting funds, so after reaching US i came to know that i only was thrust with a fee waiver. 
In this context i worked in the University Cafeteria , then i go this job in the University Library as a Coordinator Facilities. My day starts at 3PM and ends at1AM , i was an all-in-all Azhaguraja ie; Jobs included : Security officer, Janitory supervisor, Library assistant, weekend Copy center administrator so on. In this period i had a very excellent friend in my colleague Ms.Cathey Menzel who was the secretary to the Library Director.
 Coming to the incident, it was a Thursday morning, in the locker room i found Cathey in full tears, and sobbing without a wink. I knew her family well and politely asked her what is bothering her ? she initially refused but opened out and said that her little son 3 years old who goes to a kids camp few days back had fallen down from the cycle and had a cut above his eye. In the middle his teacher asked the child what happened as to did your parents hit you ? for which his child had told yes. ( you know that when you ask a small child did you do it , it will say YES , if he is asked did your mom did it , it will say YES) this is what happened.
 In Cathey's case the child was kept in a state home and the next day was the final judgement in this case, and she was informed by her counselor that the Cathey could loose her case. I told her that not to worry and go home, the case would be in her favour. She thought that i am crazy or insane.
 I left her to herself and went to work. That evening and the next day morning i lit a candle and prayed to Mahaperiva to help her come out of this situation.
 The bext day evening Cathey, her husband and Son came to the library where i worked and hugged me. They narrated that when they had assembled in the court, a small child who is a friend of Cathey's son also came to the court with his parents, and to the astonishment, the kids father told the judge that it was his son who pushed Cathey's son and who got injured and this eposide was described by his son to his mother the earlier day night. He also came to know about this child abuse case hearingfrom a friend and the judgement day was today. So he rushed to explain the truth to the judge.

The Judge passed a conclusion in the favour of Cathey and released the kid. I told them as to that i prayed to Mahaperiva and lit a candle. I 100% feel that Mahaperiva answered my prayers by sending that child ( messiah) to favour this case.

What else to say ? such miracles have been happening to me very often. He is next to us everytime , with or without our wish.

I have a sincere request, if you are in US or Europe who are reading this episode, all you need to do is buy an Orange or Pink candle from the nearest store, take bath, then light 1 candle in front of Mahaperiva's photo ( if you have Kamakshi Deepam, you light Ghee Deepam), write 108 times Sri Ramajayam, and apply Vibhuthi to your forehead. Pray within your heart ( ATMARTHAM)to Mahaperiva , and Mahaperiva will be with you and guide you.

Also, on a Friday evening during sunset, all your family members join together at the Pooja Room where Mahaperiva's photo is there, light a deepam and do a kootuprathrana for your friends , family members who are in need. More than your prayers to self, prayers to others have more effect.

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara !

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