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Saturday, December 21, 2013

.Anusha Homam-Maha PeriyavaL - Darisana AnubhavangaL vol. 4,

It was the time I worked in the Parry & Co., Ranipet. I had gone to Sivasthanam near Kanchipuram on the Maattu Pongal day in January 1978 to have darshan of Sri ParamacharyaaL. Instead of giving his usual blessing with a graceful smile, he said as he looked at me:

"No one in your family performs the homams done by your father after his demise. Your going to and fro office is what you are doing as your big anuSTAnam."

I had not seen PariyavaaL speak in that manner. Regretting that I did not have yogyatA for Vedic rites and with the intention of giving an excuse I told him, "Countless people have been doing homam for PeriyavargaL." To this he said, "Whoever is doing whatever. I asked you about what you do." Immediately, an assistant standing nearby told me, "These are his directions to you. Go ahead to implement them without replying anything more."

After I was back in Ranipet, I gathered details of the homams that were performed by my father, and with the blessing of a Sri Vidya UpAsaka, started for the first time, on the day of Guru Pushyam, the performance of homams for the welfare of Paramacharya and the world. I continued the homams on the Anusha nakSatra day, the janma nakSatraof Sri PeriyavargaL, every month and submitted the prasAdas whenever I had an occasion to go to his place.

During the year 1989-90, on a similar occasion, PeriyavaaL looked happy at SriMaTham. A large crowd of devotees was around him. He pointed me to them and said, "His father, Paanaampattu Duraiswamy, performed homams for my welfare for twenty years and gave me the prasAdam in person wherever I happened to be. Many people are now doinghomams for me. But then even today I am experiencing the fruits of the homams done by him in those days. He has left the world. And my longevity goes on increasing." He also referred to me and said, "This man is also doing homams himself for me for the last ten years."

My father Paanaampattu Duraiswamy Aiyer was a man of atyanta bhakti towards Sri Paramacharyaar. He was a man of great niyama niSTa. For the welfare of Sri Paramacharyaar he performed homams on the special days such as his birth-star and full moon day and submitted the prasAdas to him in person. This sort of service was done during the period 1950-1970.

I got back home, thinking of the exceptional memory of Sri Paramacharyaar and melting at his compassion to our family. It is our bhAgyam that due to his anugraha the homams are being performed now for the last twenty-three years, without interruption.

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