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Sunday, November 24, 2013

A DEVOTEE .... recite Sri. Subramanya Bhujangam

I had darshan of Pujya Sri. Balaperiyaval in Kalavai and Pujya Sri.Pudhu periyaval in Kanchi on June 10th. This is my first trip to India after Sri. Periyaval appeared in my dream asking me to chant Sri.Subramanya Bhujangam. 
As I introduced myself to His Holiness and uttered my first word about Sri.Subramanya Bhujangam, Sri. Periyaval interrupted. His Holiness said in Tamil, "I asked you to read the Bhujangam. You are doing it. Very Happy". I was very much delighted.

I am of the firm opinion that His Holiness has all the spiritual siddhis at His command,but uses them sparingly. I will continue to recite Sri. Subramanya Bhujangam and I request all the devotees to do so till all the cases are withdrawn. Lord Subramanya has certainly given us some relief, and will continue to bless our gurus and us, if we continue to chant this sacred sloka. -A DEVOTEE 

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