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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Periyava------------Sirupakkam Kondaiyer -

Sirupakkam Kondaiyer - Vizhupuram Ravi Bagavathar - V.suryanarayanan

Once, I took my friend, Shri. Gopalakrishnan with me to kanchipuram. He was a telugu brahmin running a grocery store. Srimadam Balu introduced us to Periava saying 'Vizhupuram Chidambaram Iyer's grandsons'. Periava looked at me and said, 'yes, he is, but the other person looks like a telugu brahmin'. 
Gopalakrishnan, surprised by Periava's observation, said, ' I am Kondaiyer's grandson'.
 Then Periava continued, ' which kondaiyer? the person from Sirupakkam near Thiruvannamalai who sold his land and did yagams and homams by which he cured the ailments of people? the periavar who did hada yogam in space and had darshan of Ambal ? he who communicated with Ramana Maharishi from where he was sitting? he attained samadhi 40 years ago, but you cannot be his grandson. 
GK hastened to add, ' no i am not. He is my father's uncle'.
 Then Periava asked him ,'how are you financially?'. GK said he was doing well. Periava then said,'there was a family from Mumbai which was doing aradhana of Kondaiyer, but stopped it for some reason sometime back.Will you please continue that? your family will be blessed'.
GK wanted to know the 'thithi'. Periava said,'there is person in Luz Corner in Chennai, by name Radhakrishnan whose address is with the mutt manager. If you contact him he will get in touch with his periamma Jayamma from whom you can know the 'thithi'. Do it fast as I believe that the 'thithi' will be coming very soon.
 Then Periava left for Kamakshi amman temple. As we were talking a person of about 50 years approached us and asked whether we are from Vizhupuram. He said that Periava asked him to get in touch with us and introduced himself as Radhakrishnan from Luz Corner and Jayamma was his periamma.He said his friend suddenly came to his house and brought him to Kanchipuram! 
Like Periava said the' thithi' was within a week's time.

We went with our families to Sirupakkam and restarted the Aradhana of Kondaiyer. 

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