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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Garuda Puranam


A MUST READ VERSES FROM GARUDA PURANA (One of the best Puranas) [Modern science will take 1000's of years to discover these ultimate facts]

If one kills animals otherwise (and eats their flesh) he will fall into hell and remain there for as many days as there are hairs on that animal.

One who discards one's mother, sister, wife, daughter or daughter-in-law without seeing any fault in them, obtains ghosthood surely. One who deceives his own brother, kills a brahmana(Saintly person) or a cow, drinks liquor, defiles the preceptor's bed, steals gold and silk garment, becomes ghosts.

He who rapes an immature girl becomes a serpent.

He who scolds others without a cause becomes a cat.

One who usurps a deposit, deceives a friend, enjoys other man's wife, kills other's faith, is cruel, definitely becomes a ghost.

He who slanders brahmanas (saintly people) becomes a tortoise. He who subsists on the worship of murtis (Lord's idol or statue) becomes a Candala.

He who associates with drunkards or indulges in intercourse with a woman addicted to wine or eats meat unconsciously becomes a ghost.

He who indulges in sex at the prohibited time (like on festivals night, eclipse night etc) becomes an eunuch.

He who imparts knowledge to the undeserving becomes a bull.

All these are sure to be born as ghosts - a man misappropriating a trust property, a man treacherous to his friend, a man fond of another man's wife, a faithless man and a deceptive wretch.

He who is malicious to others, is born blind. He who steals a book is born similarly.

A man hating his brother, a murderer of a brahmana, a slayer of the cow, a wine addict, a defiler of the preceptor's bed, one who casts off customary rites, or one who is fond of telling lies, a stealer of gold or one who takes possession of plots of land illegally - all these are born as ghosts.

He who censures others is born of defiled womb.

He who takes meals uninvited becomes a crow and the performer of cruel deeds becomes a dwarf.

He who discards his wife becomes an animal to be killed by a hunter.

He who eats meat becomes a leopard.

He who does not return the deposit becomes one-eyed.

He who discards progeny and wife encounters ill-luck.

He who eats sweets only becomes rheumatic.

He who has sexual union with brahmana's wife becomes a jackal.

He who envies is born blind.

He who steals a lamp becomes beggar.

He who speaks lies cannot speak properly.

He who spoils a young girl becomes an eunuch.

A stealer of food suffers from dyspepsia.

He who gives stale food to a brahmana becomes hunch-backed.

If he steals fruits, his progeny dies.

If he eats alone without giving a morsel of it to anyone else, he becomes issueless.

He who hears neither Hari's tale, nor the praise of the god suffers from ear disease.

He who takes out a morsel from another's mouth becomes a blockhead.

He who observes religion without sincerity suffers from skin disease.

A treacherous fellow suffers from headache.

He who is against Lord Siva suffers from the disease of genital organ and the women too who commit these sins suffer in similar way or they become wives of persons suffering in aforesaid manner.

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