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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Adhirasam Recipe:

Adhirasam  Sweet  is a pure Deepavali delight, which is prepared in almost every house in Tamil Nadu. This delicacy is made with fresh ground rice flour and jaggery.  It is a favorite sweet of all ages. 
The secret of making perfect Adhirasam  lies in the preparation of the (‘Paagu” ) right consistency of the syrup to make batter. If we get it correct, the adhirasam will taste really awesome.

May this Diwali bring happiness all around you & your family and gives you health & wealth in your life..:)
This is how we prepare this tasty snack..!


·      Raw rice                           - 1 ½ cup

·      Jaggery                             - 1 cup

·      Dry ginger pwd ( sukku )      - ½ tsp

·      Cardamom pwd                   - ½ tsp

·      Ghee                                  - 1 tbsp

·      Oil for deep frying


1.   Wash and soak raw rice for 2 to 3 hrs.

2.   Drain water completely and dry it in shade,  in a white cotton cloth. ( approx 30 mins )

3.   Grind it in a mixer to smooth flour.

4.   Sieve the flour to remove any lumps.

5.   Powder the jaggery and keep it ready in a thick bottomed kadai.

6.   Add water just to immerse the jaggery and heat it with stirring.

7.   Once the jaggery is completely dissolved, filter it to remove impurities.

8.   Again heat the jaggery water in medium flame with stirring continuously.

9.   The jaggery syrup starts thickening.

10.Take water in a small cup and add a drop of jaggery syrup and check the consistency.

11.Initially, the syrup dissolves in water, then at next stage it comes to a thread like consistency and finally,  it won’t get dissolved and remain like a small ball in the water.
12.This is the right consistency, ( we call as KAMBI PAAGU )

13.At this stage, turn off the flame
14.Stir well.
15.To the rice flour,  add cardamom flour, dried ginger pwd ( sukku pwd ) , mix well and keep ready.

16.Now add this flour gradually to the thick jaggery syrup , while stirring continuously with a ladle all the while.

17.Keep adding the flour, until the batter consistency comes to loose and sticky texture.

18.Stop adding flour in this stage.

19.Cover it with a lid and keep it aside overnight at room temperature.

20.Next day, You can see the moisture is absorbed and the dough is stiff.

21.Add ghee and knead well to smooth dough.

22.Divide the batter to small lemon sized balls.

23.Grease your hands with oil , and pat it flat.

24.Heat oil in a pan / kadai.

25.Carefully drop the adirasam in oil and keep the flame in low.

26.Once it rises up, flip the puffed up adhirasam and cook on medium flame.

27.When it turns golden brown on both the sides, drain from oil.
28.Place it in a plate and press with a laddle to squeeze the excess soaked oil.
29.Place it over a plate with holes at the bottom, so that the retained oil drains out.
30.Repeat the same for the rest of the dough.
31.Lipsmacking traditional Adirasam ready to enjoy.

32.It can be stored in an air-tight container & has a shelf life for a week.

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