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Friday, September 20, 2013

To be a Parent ..

To be a parent is too demanding and it is necessary to be a responsible parent.This parenting gives cold feet to many and either they just wash off their hands or become too serious. 
It's not mandatory to keep saying ' no' to all and all to 'yes'. Parents by their own behavior  can set examples to say that these are not allowed whether it's 'me' or 'you' or 'us'.
Self discipline first and disciplining the kids later. Try to insist on the same type of good behaviour every time 'inside' and' outside 'the house.

It's very easy to express anger at the same time it's difficult to stay affectionate. It's human to retain anger for a long time with no cause. 

Expressing love and affection as important as getting angry, give a hug, pat on the shoulder, say just,' I love you' would do.

Talk to them by spending some quality time with them to iron out the differences and misunderstandings, explain the reason for your anger or their behaviour. Carrot and stick always works and try to appreciate in public and reprimand in public. A word of praise would do wonders and boost the self esteem of the child.Sometimes it would make the child a responsible person. Do not try to  bribe the child as it would push him to materialstic world and affection will fail. It's better to leave it to the kids to decide on their own and guide them whenever needed. Strictly 'no negotiations' 

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