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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Praise without name plate

There’s no nameplate of your name
Oh, wind (air)! Salute to your kindness.
When God gives you life, He does not ask for a Receipt.
Tree gives fruit without any bargaining (of price).
River gives water without collecting water Tax.
Birds coockoo without any Royalty. 
Sun gives energy, (it) does not send the Bill ....
To give, is ingrained in the Nature.
And, we ....
We expect a nameplate while donating to a Hospital.
While donating to an Inn, we expect the rights to use the room in addition to nameplate.
If a fan is donated, our name should be written under the fan blades.
Even a garden bench (for sitting), has a name (of somebody) written on it.
We get hurt when cannot find our name against the amount given for reconstruction of a Temple.
Even if the name is written but with a small mistake in writing our name, it is difficult to accept.
Obtaining Acknowledgment (just) like courier, is ingrained in our nature.
When a man converts gift of Nature into a packing, a price is (always) attached.
You have to pay while buying an Oxygen bottle.
Have to pay for buying Mineral water.
Pay when you buy fruits from the market.
Whatever is given free by nature, gets a Price tag by the time it reaches us.
To take, is ingrained in human nature.
Thus, donating is one thing, and showing (off) is another thing.
When we can donate without hurting feelings of the needy, is another form of prayer.
Self-respect of needy is hurt when they see donors’ name or photos on the goods sent to them.

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