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Thursday, August 8, 2013

'Read the VinAyagar Agaval'

devotee:...... Kadarshop AV VengkaTarAman, SrIranggam
author:....... Kadarshop AV VengkaTarAman, SrIranggam
compiler:..... T.S. Kothandarama Sarma
source:....... Maha PeriyavaL - Darisana AnubhavangaL vol. 2, pages 117-119
publisher:.... VAnathi Padhippaham (May 2005 Edition)
type:......... book, Tamil 

About forty-eight years ago, PUjyashrI MahASvAmigaL was camping in a small village called VETTamangalam near MayilADuturai. At that time PeriyAr EVR started the movement of breaking the PiLLaiyAr images. When the date of breaking the images was announced, the sacred group of SivanaDiyArs--Shiva devotees, in KumbakoNam were upset; they met ShrIShrI PeriyavAL at VETTamangalam and asked him, "What retaliative measure are we to take for this?" PeriyavAL gave them these words of blessings: "Let all the bhaktas from tomorrow go to PiLLaiyAr temples and break coconuts and do abhiSheka-Aradhanas."

To aDiyEn--myself, ShrI PeriyavAL gave a sign in silence and with orders to publish his message in the magazine asking everyone to do pArAyaNam of the "VinAyagar Agaval". An additional order was given to print and distribute freely, the "VinAyagar Agaval" book blessedly given to us by AvvaiyAr. A surprising thing about this was that I did not know about the existence of a book called "VinAyagar Agaval". I could not also understand his silent sign indicating AvvaiyAr. Nor could I understand his gestures about the "VinAyagar Agaval" book. Then he wrote the name on the sand and showed it to me. It was night time and there was not enough light from the electric lamp where PeriyavAL was sitting. Then he asked for a slate and chalk to be brought and showed me the name by writing it on the slate. I understood it. Accordingly, the "VinAyagar Agaval" book was printed and distributed freely. All the magazines and newspapers carried PeriyavAL's message to the people to do pArAyaNam--recitation, of the "VinAyagar Agaval". I had the bhAgyam of seeing PeriyavAL's handwriting which was like printed letters.

*** *** ***

Some people who saw the words "He who believes in God is a fool" written at the bottom of Tiru. PeriyAr's statue in the city of Thanjai, went to ShrI MahAPeriyavAL and expressed their anxiety as to what to do for that kind of propaganda. ShrI PeriyavAL gave them the advice, "You people install a Gandhi statue, write the RAmaNAma at its bottom and also mention, 'Chanting RAmaNAma is the best spiritual activity.'"

*** *** ***

In 1952, ShrI MahAPeriyavAL was camping in NagangkuDi. He convened a small conference of the VaLLuvar community among the Harijans at that time. The VaLLuvars were good astrologers and were responsible for the religious rites of the Harijana SamUham.

Orders were given to serve meal to the people who attended the mahAnADu--conference. It was at that time a sikkal--hitch, cropped up.

There were sub communities among the VaLLuvars and they refused to sit in samapangkti--same meal session, and partake their meals.

This was a matter of surprise to PeriyavAL himself! He said with surprise, "Till today it was not known to me that such a sampradAyam was in anuShTAnam in that samUham!"

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