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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Matured devotion towards Muruga....Maha PeriyavaL - Darisana AnubhavangaL vol.2,

author:....... K.IrAjA, advocate, Chennai-78
compiler:..... T.S. Kothandarama Sarma

Of one who is shining as paramahaMsa parivrAjaka mahAsannidhAna pUjya shrI Chandrashekara SarasvatI MahAsvAmigaL, and who taking avatAra in our sacred, BhArata desham, is adored by the world today, until today, and for ever, as a mahApuruSha--that the good fortune of aDiyEn--myself, receiving such KAnchi Periya Periyavar's blessings, is a puNya I have earned. As I think about my darshans of him over many years and receiving his blessings, it seems that I am having those darshans once again today.

There is one personal big aruL--grace, aDiyEn received from that Maha Periyavar. That was the pERu--good fortune, of having got the opportunity to converse with him in ekAntam--solitude for about 40 minutes. Not only could I never forget it, but even today its remembrance gets me into spiritual shivers. My memory is that it was in 1983 that the above incident took place when KAnchi Munivar was camping in Kurnool.

aDiyen had gone for the nyAyasthala--law court's cases. Finishing them, I came and along with my wife, had darshan of KAnchi Munivar and conversed with him. The moment he saw me, he asked about my native place, and for a kShaNam--second, "You are the ahamuDaiyAn--husband, of Tiruppazhanam brahmashrI PanchApakesha shAshtrigaL's pEththi--granddaughter?"--my wife's grandfather who was the harikathA kAlakShepa chakravartin--and followed it with the inquiry, my mAmanAr--father-in-law shrI T.P.KalyANarAma shAstrigaL--"what is he doing? He too is doing bhagavat kAlakShepam?" I could not contain my surprise.

Such power of memory filled me with surprise. After this, as I told him about me, I mentioned that I was involved in Muruga-bhakti since the year 1937; that my father shrI KandasAmi aiyar, right from his young age until his last days, was doing pUja anudinam--daily, at home for shrI SubrahmaNya svAmi; and that he asked us his family members to continue do the stotra.

In addition, I told him that in 1937 in Chennai KandakOTTam I listened to the speech given by shrI RAmalingam piLLai (a school teacher) on "paripUjita panchAmRta vaNNam" (composed by PAmban svAmigaL also known as shrIlashrI shuddhAdvaita Kumara GurudAsa svAmigaL); that I had prepared myself for a long time to sing that composition doing chandam--rhythm, of it in five paNNs--rAgas; that I had classified many years ago, these vaNNams and the tiruppugazh songs of aruNagiriyAr, in some anya tAlas--different musical beats; and that I was regularly singing them on public religious occasions.

PeriyavargaL listened to all that I said with great surprise, asked me to sing some portions of those vaNNams and listened to them, and wondered, "appA! The PAmban svAmigaL you talk about, why did not my SvAminAthan (mahAmahopAdhyAya shrI SvAminAtha aiyar) tell me about him? Let it go. Even JagannAthan (KI.VA.JagannAthan) did not tell me?" When I told them thereafter that PAmban svAmigaL also did seva--service, in KAnchipuram KandakOTTam", he said, "appA! That I don't know about. I was at that time in the KumbakONa maTham. I get immense happiness to listen to for the first time, all that you tell me about." How can that mahAn's simplicity and greatness be brought in words?

With his blessings, PeriyavargaL gave me a shawl and said, "appA! My name is also SvAminAthan only! My father's name too was SubrahmaNyam! Your father's name is KandasAmi. I have myself spoken about 'svAmi' being the special epithet of SubrahmaNya svAmi. You will shine as a good Muruga-bhakta!"

By that anugraha-phala--fruits of divine favours, until today, I am doing it on many occasions as sangIta upanyAsam, of the Tiruppugazh songs and chiefly the panchAmRta vaNNams, at PAmban svAmigaL's samAdhi at TiruvAnmiyUr and in other holy places of Murugan, without expecting, asking about or receiving any sort of pratiphala--returns, doing them all only for my Atma anubhavam. MurugA sharaNam!

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