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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Deivathin Kural - Sareera Sadhana and Athma Sadhana

If a person works like a ‘Bull’and spends his entire life only by being a workaholic without even taking effort to understand Atma, Paramatma, Easwara or without allocating time for Dhyana or Bhakti and finally leaves this material world, his janma is not fruitful. While performing our duty or karma is very much essential not only for our sustenance but also to make the mind pure.

Those who works by only using their brain like the office goers will not have a deep sleep similar to those who work physically. If you do not have a good sleep the mind wanders and accumulates dirt. Those who work physically however has sound sleep and hence their mind does not wanders. Hence he becomes stronger both physically and mentally. He does not spoil the nervous system which connects the body and mind.

Thus while physical work is a must, one should not however restrict oneself to the physical activities alone. From the initial stage itself one should have the ‘touch’ with religious activities. That ‘touch’ should not be a temporary simple touch but should become a permanent touch. One should spend more time on ‘Adhyathma Samacharam’ i.e. on those activities which enables him to under the God. By doing so even if a person attains the highest knowledge i.e. spiritually elevated person even then also he should have touch with the physical activities. One should not completely discard the physical activities till a person reaches the stage of ‘Jivan Mukti’ wherein there is no ego, no thinking and no other plans. This is the reason why our forefathers have instructed us ‘while we hold our one hand on the almighty, with the other hand one should perform his duty’.

In the initial stages we should spend more on the physical activities less on religious activities. Then we should spend equal time on both physical and religious activities. Finally we should spend more time on religious activities and less on physical work. Thus in all the stages both should be present without any of the activity being nil. If we follow this, finally we can feel that ‘Easwara’ himself guide us in performing our subsequent activities. After attaining the stage of a ‘Jnani’ there are persons who works by putting more efforts and there are also persons who remained like a stone. Thus still we reach that stage one should work while helping others. Thus barring those who are physically weak others should perform physical activities while those who are physically weak should however, perform those activities which will compensate the non performance of physical activities.

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