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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Jagathguru Speaks......

The Jagathguru Speaks........
Ladies are like the lamps that nurture Dharma. We should not give room for their innate good qualities to get spoiled. Otherwise the country will not survive. If the minds of
honorable ladies get spoiled then Dharma
will be lost. Arjuna also said this and cried before Krishna. For the prosperity of our society it is very essential that girls get married in time and become Gruhalakshmis.
What is in Mahabhaaratham ? There is Dharmaputra , the personification of patience. There is Bhishma for truthful vow. Karna is there for charity and Arjuna for dignity. In
the same way if we consider Raamaayanam, Raama is personification of all Dharmas. Seetha is the example of noble dharma of women. Even Mandodhari the wife of Ravana
( who is the direct opposite of Raama )is a great " Pathivratha " no less than Seetha. When we listen to Raamayana and Mahabhaaratham, we are reminded of such noble

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