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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Periva's compassion has no boundaries.

It was a hot summer season. Severe water scarcity prevailed in the villages. The rivers and ponds had all dried up. In many homes, even their wells went dry. Whatever water was available, the villagers shared among themselves.

On the request of devotees of a village where there was severe water scarcity, Periva had come to the village and was giving darshan.

Everyone in the village came for dars
han - the rich and the poor, the good and the bad, the miser and the philanthropist; everyone.

A very old person had come. The others who were there gave him way, out of respect, to have Periva's darshan. It was evident that he was an important person in the village.

He paid his obeisance, and stood up.

Periva asked him "What is your age?"

"Me? I am quite old now - eight two years", replied the old man.

"Sowkiama?" (Is all well with you?), asked Periva.

"No, Sami. Where is the room for happiness? There are quarrels in my family all the time. No one listens to what I say. I am not in good health too. I am living life just for the sake of it", said the old man.

"You must be very depressed..."

"Yes.., Sami"

"If I show you a way to be happy, will you obey me?", asked Periva.

"Tell me Sami", said the old man, eagerly.

"You have fenced the pump-set in your Thottam (field), with the intention that others cannot take even a drop of water. People here are undergoing a lot of hardship for water to drink and cook. You are using the water from your pump-set to water your crops, and your Thottam (field) alone is flourishing. You say that your property and family is not giving you any happiness. Break down the fence around your pump-set. Let all the people take the water. They will all bless you for this and you will find the happiness that you want".

Tears were flowing down the eyes of the old man.

The villagers who were listening to Periva's advise stood there stunned!

"None of them had told Periva about the pump-set in the old man's house (or) that he had fenced it preventing them from fetching water. Nor did they tell Periva that the old man will not hesitate to pick up a fight if they trespassed". They only prayed for the water crisis to be resolved by Periva's grace. That's all.

When Periva was about to leave the place, two youngsters came running. "The old man has taken off the fencing around the pump-set!", they exclaimed.

Water was gushing from the pump-set.

Happiness and sheer bliss was also gushing from the heart of the old man who had removed the fence, paving way for everyone in the village to use the water.

Periva's compassion has no boundaries. His Arul (Divine grace) will continue to flow like a river which never runs dry.

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