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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Perivaa Mahaswamigal ---------- Shri Ashok H Chugani, Chennai dated: 6th July 2003

This anecdote or incident was told to me by my aunty who lives in Secunderabad. Though I myself never had the opportunity to see the Perivaa Mahaswamigal, but I always pray to Him and seek His Grace by chanting Hara Hara Sankara Jaya Jaya Sankara and feel His grace instantly. I have never missed reading any article written about the Maha Swamigal in any newspaper or magazine I came across till today. I seek the Blessings of the Maha Swamigal before narrating the incident which has taken place in my Aunt’s life.

Last year (2002) my aunt from Secunderabad had come to Chennai for a relative’s wedding during which she came and stayed with us. As she had been on a holy trip with her daughter to Haridwar and Badrinath she was telling us about her spiritual experience. And as the talk progressed she said she always had a desire to see the Mahaswamigal in Kanchipuram but did not get an opportunity.

This yearning to see the Mahaswamigal was so intense that by even hearing His name or looking at the photograph she used to experience bliss. Her father died when she was young, so she went to work early.

On one such day as she returned from office someone in her neighbourhood told her that the Mahaswamigal had come to Hyderabad. That was enough for my aunt. She immediately came home, threw her office bag and ran like a child would run to see her father when he comes back after a war.

But when she reached the venue it was made known to her that the Mahaswami had left. This was a lifetime chance for her to see the Swami as none else could take her to Kanchipuram and as she was supporting her family she could not think of being absent from office. She went back home and prayed to Shiva Parvati to whom she prays till today and put forth her demand asking to give her darshan in the form of the Mahaswamigal.

The next day she went to office as usual but her mind was on the Mahaswami whom she could not see. Looking at her in such a mood her friends found out where the Swamigal were camping.

So while going home that day she decided to go see the Mahaswami at His camp. When she reached there she found that the Mahaswamigal had gone inside and would come out later in the evening and leave for His next destination.

Now my aunt thought if she goes home so late her old mother would get worried and also if she goes home she will miss seeing the Swamigal as He was leaving her city that day. But as luck would have it, the Mahaswamigal came out of the room after 30 minutes. Some press persons and devotees were patiently waiting for the Mahaswamigal to emerge. My aunt was just electrified on seeing Him that she was gazing at the Mahaswami not knowing what was in store for her.

After giving Darshan to the devotees present the Mahaswamigal gestured at someone in the crowd to come forward near Him and He was gesturing to my aunt who did not even realize that her heavenly father the Maha Swamigal was gazing at her. Only when other devotees standing close to her told her she realized her luck and went forward. She says that she felt as if the Earth had moved away below her feet and she was floating. Due to language problem she could not understand what the Mahaswamigal told her, but later when the Swamigal blessed her, she was in tears. After the Swami left someone who was standing near the Swami and was a resident devotee told her that the Swami told her that He was longing to see her for years and now they have met and will not meet anymore and blessed her abundantly.

She did not even think that the Mahaswami will call her and speak to her. Such is the grace of the Mahaswami that He knew there is someone in the crowd outside longing to see Him for years and when the time came He gave darshan. A true devotee should have only devotion. Till then He made her run like a child would run to the mother after school is over. People around her even asked her if she was related to the Mahaswamigal! This incident would have taken place around 1960 and truly she could not see the Swami again as per His words. She would have been 23 years old at that time.

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