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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Periava is the finest example of humbleness and compassion....

No hunger, thirst or sleep. If bhaktha’s were waiting for His darshan, nothing would matter to Him. But, what about the sishyas? They cannot eat, unless He does 'Bhiksha'. Sometimes it might go up to 3.30, 4.00 or even up to 4.30 pm.

One of the sishyas said, 'from tomorrow I am going to keep the clock one hour ahead in the afternoon. Is that okay?'. The rest of the shishyas agreed. It went on lik
e this for the next 4-5 days. The sishyas were happy that Periava had not taken notice of it.

Then, a devotee came for darshan. He paid his obeisance to Maha Swami and said ' Periava is Sakshath Parameswaran. Brahma swaroopam....'. Periava cut him short. 'Look, I am nothing of the sort you are talking about. See, that clock is running fast. If only I had the power, I would put the clock back'.

The sishya who had committed the mischief fell at His feet. Periava said very gracefully, 'it’s okay for me even if the 'bhiksha' gets delayed, but, I should have thought about you all'.

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