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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Paramacharya. and an apple

When my son was about a year old, we went to Kanchipuram to see His Holiness and to get His Blessings. At the entrance to the Mutt, we stopped to buy some fruits to offer to His Holiness. We bought some apples, bananas and oranges. My son started crying asking for an apple; we pacified him saying he would get it after worship, and went in.

After a while we offered namaskarams and the fruits to the Paramacharya. After giving us prasadams, He wanted to give our son a fruit. Besides Him, many fruits were kept on a plate. His hands first lingered on an orange, then a pomegranate and finally came to rest on an apple, He gave the apple for which my son cried, as prasadam to him.

We were wonder-struck as to how the Paramacharya could have known the incident that happened outside the Mutt.

We were only fortunate to have seen him in our time.

- as narrated by Smt Seetha Kannan, Chennai

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