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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mahaperiyava- compassionate towards the poor and the needy.

Periva was at Kancheepuram.

A wealthy couple paid their obeisance and submitted an expensive saree and a blouse piece. Soon thereafter, a young girl came and submitted a pair of silver anklets.

Periva was engaged in conversation with them and the other bhaktas around.

Just then, a woman from the Vellala community came for darshan. One glance at her was enough to tell that she was very poor. Shekept an invitation smeared with turmeric on a plate and submitted to Periva seeking His blessings.

Periva asked one of His Sishya’s to give the saree, blouse and the anklets to the woman.

“This woman’s daughter has attained puberty. This is the invitation for the function. She is poor, but she must do all the rituals properly. What will she do for the money”, said Periva.

The woman was astonished. How did Periva know all this so accurately when He had not even touched the invitation that she had submitted?!

Vishwanathan Iyer from M/s Ganapathi & Co, Chennai who was there was listening to Periva’s conversation.

“If Pervia permits, I shall give Rs: 500/= to her”, he said.

Periva nodded in acceptance.

The Vellala woman had come only to get Periva’s prasadam (holy ash) and His blessings, but returned blessed with clothes, money and jewellery.

Periva was always compassionate towards the poor and the needy.

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