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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Maha Periyava-the visit of the Vice President of India

It happened on 24th May; on the previous day we learnt that the Vice-President of India Hon’ble Sri Shankar Dayal Sharma was to visit Kanchipuram. I cannot explain why I had the sudden urge to see the Sage. That morning, immediately after bath, a thought occurred as to how I was going to see the Sage, because of the visit of the Vice President of India and as I closed my eyes in prayer, the Sage appeared in my vision.

At about 7 pm, entering the Mutt with my family; I stood bare bodied against the wall between the two rooms. One was the room where Pooja to the Lord Sri Chandramouleeswarar is performed by the Sage each morning. We were waiting very anxiously and eagerly for the arrival of the Sage for the Rathothsavam and to see him close. Everyone there stood a little away from me on either side. Then came the Sage staff in hand, hardly ten feet from the entrance. He stood at the corner to turn left, when a person of the Mutt came holding high in the right hand, a thambalam full of fruits of all kinds, and the person accompanying the Sage told Him that it was for the Birla’s who gave cheque for 5 lakhs that morning. 

The Sage touched the fruits with His hands, turned to the left and walked away. I was immensely happy that in a few moments I was going to see the Sage close. He walked through and to my utter surprise and rejoice, the Sage, even as he walked, suddenly stood facing me about 10 feet away: and pointing me to the assistant, the Sage, uttered “Lakshmi Narayanan Swami” and I could not believe my ears. My arms folded at the waist were tucked in to the armpit; in high reverence to him. As I was still with awe and wonder, the Sage holding the staff in His right hand and head slanted to His right stood in silence, gazed at me as if talking and telling me “since morning you have been restless to see me. Now you have seen me is that alright?” and He walked on. Then we saw Him seated in His room with his leg one over the other.

Even today it is quite a wonder and mystery as to how the Sage knew my name and the urge, longing, yearning and restlessness I experienced since that morning to see Him. As He always observed total silence in those days, it is also a wonder and mystery as to how He communicated to His assistant to utter my name and in silence expressed Hmself to me understanding my desire to see him.

The science and technology of this century cannot explain the phenomenon as to how the Sage had known my name without any previous encounter with Him and how, despite His observance of total silence, transmitted His knowledge of my name to His assistant, by uttering it at that moment.

Author: Shri A.R.Lakshmi Narayanan, Chennai

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