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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Maha periyava narrated by a devotee

My father, Sri Veeraraghava Iyer, passed away on Vaikunda Ekadesi day. Only 'punya' athmas will get Ekadesi maranam Dhuvadesi dhaganam, people used to say.

After 'Varushapthigam', my mother gave me a letter to be handed over to Periava. She had sealed it. But, I still opened it, as I knew what the contents would be. My mother wished Periava to give her 'mukthi' as immediately as possible. I cried.

Then I sealed the cover once again and when I reached Kanchi, I put the letter at the base of a plate and covered it with coconut, Thulasi mala, sugar candy, etc for I knew many would have come to seek the blessings of Mahaswami for auspicious things. When I went in, Srimadam Balu introudced me. Periava then asked why I had come. Balu said, ‘ To seek Your blessings’. Periava said, 'no, his mother has written a letter to me and he has kept it hidden underneath the coconut. Take that out and read it. Then I told Balu the contents of the letter in a low voice.

Balu said to Periava,' his mother too seeks your blessings'. Periava said, 'no, just for that she would not have written one and a half pages. I know the contents, read it aloud so that everyone will know. Balu read it aloud and there was pin drop silence.

Then Periava laughed out loud and said, ' if I knew the way, I would not be sitting here not able to see and hear properly. Ask her to sit in a corner like me and do Rama jabam !' I cried. Here is Periava lowering Himself so much and still showing the way to my mother. How did He know that I had hidden the letter underneath the coconut, how did He know that my mother wrote it, how did He know it ran to one and a half pages, how did He know the contents of the letter?

If we know all that, would we be bound by Maya? All we can do is hold on to His feet. That will give us mukthi.

- as narrated by a devotee
Source: yahoo groups

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  1. Well said, true words Mathangi.. Holding on to the Guru is the only savior in this world.