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Friday, July 26, 2013


யஸ்ய ஸ்மரண மாத்ரேண நாம பக்தி: ப்ராஜாயதே !
தம் நமாமி யதி ஸ்ரேஷ்டம் போதேந்த்ரம் ஜகதாம் குரும்1!

Sri Bagavan Naama Bodhendra Swamikal is the great soul, who spread the RAMA nama in crores to all corners of Kamakoti 

The meaning of the Sloka:------ I bow before that King of Rishis, the Jagath Guru, Sri Bodhendrar, name of whom when I remember, my heart gets filled with devotion for the sacred names of Bagavan. 

River Ganga was flowing, cool and white. With the same coolness and whiteness, Yadheeswarar was seated on the river bank. While He was shining in total tranquility, Ganga was flowing turbulently. A young and well—built youth, with the same turbulence all over his body ( and mind), was standing in front of Yadheeswarar; he was trying to control himself in front of Him, but couldn’t succeed. His mission was to jump into the turbulent river so as to quell his own turbulence.
He informed Yadheeawarar also.

Did he say it by himself? No, his heart opened out to the Karunamurthi.

“I am going to jump into the river and kill myself”-----he shouted in all emotions.

He, in the softer than the softest voice, told him, “Wonderful job! To die in Ganga is immortality; that too, in Kashi, it is very special. Is it sufficient if you die this very special death once? For a long long time to come, you must keep on dying like this. Wherever you go, you should make those places Ganga and Kashi; that is my blessing. Why my blessing? It is an order from Ambal Kamakoti”

He talked in puzzles and smiled in a puzzling manner!

He went back to His tranquil state. But the young man was in turmoil.

Bondless Atma, made Him a personification of total peace, while bond itself has pushed the young man to the state of jumping into Ganga. 

Oh! What a sweet bond it was! But it just whithered away like a day dream! Even Rama—Lakshmana would have been jealous of the kind of bond and love that existed between Purushothaman and Gnanasekaran!

The same Yadheeswarar who brought those two together in an unbreakable bond in the beginning is now talking as if He doesn’t care a bit!

Or, is it really a I—couldn’t - care—less attitude? Who can find the depth of Great Mahans? They are those who have given up everything; at the same time, they attach themselves with everything. They are those, who will be in unision and separation, at the same time. They also do the same thing to others---join them when required, and separate them, when the time comes. 

There was a time when it was necessary to associate Purushothaman with Gnanasekaran, and keep them together in a bond of love. Yadheeswarar was in Kancheepuram then, as was the custom of every Peetathipathi of Kanchi maTm. As per that, our Yadheeswarar was the 58th Peetaathipathi of the Kanchi Mutt, established by AdhiSankarar, during the fag end of 16th century.

Atma Bodhendra Saraswathi was His name in the Sanyasa ashrama. Devotees used to say that if one places Him on one side of a Balance and place the whole universe on the other, His side will only go down. He possessed that much knowledge, wisdom, bakthi, and kindness. Because He was greater than the universe, pundits used to call Him ‘VISWAATHIKAR’.

Devotees saw Him as Lord Parameshwara Himself, while He revealed Himself as a devotee of Parameshwara. He was happy, doing Rudhrabhishekam and Rudhra Thrisathi Archana to the residing deity of Kanchi MaTam, Sri Yoga Chandramouleeshwarar. He will be always chanting Rudhram.

Viswaathikar must have thought, ‘If the people are shown the ultimate power that is God, and bond them with love, then God Himself will bless them with wisdom ( Adhvaitha Gnaanam).He wanted to grow the BAKTHI in people by showing them, the mysterious Adhvaitha, as the knowable God. 

One can talk about Wisdom, Adhvaitham, Nirgunam, only to people with some minimum qualification, or understanding capability; at the same time, one can even tell a new-born baby about the kind-hearted Bagavan; make the child, to love Him. Is it not enough? Then the kind—hearted Bagavan Himself will bless them with the wisdom of Adhvaitham! He practiced Adhvaitham which says that only one Ultimate Truth has manifested Itself into all these variations in the universe.

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