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Monday, July 29, 2013

Dharshan of Periyava

Once, a group of people from Thiruvananthapuram, came to Kanchi, after visiting Kanyakumari, Thiruchendhur, Madhurai, Tiruchy, Thanjavur and Kumbakonam. It was abisheka time at Kamakshi koil, and seemed it might take an hour of time to be spent waiting. So, they decided to have dharshan of Periyava and started, except one couple.

That mama was a sishya of another Sankara Mutt. So he stayed in the temple itself to avoid seeing and doing namaskaram to Periyava.

Since, nobody returned even after a long time, that man came to Sri Mutt in search of people who came there. Periyava was doing aarathi when the couple entered. After completing the pooja, Periyava came down and started giving theertha prasadham. This man’s turn came.

Periyava told his name, about his father, their gothram, the construction of their house in Kerala, the garden etc. While telling these details to the man, Periyava kept rolling an orange on HIS stomach. HE talked for an hour with that man and gave that orange as prasadham to that man.

That man had peptic ulcer and he needed to eat something and drink water once in twenty minutes, as per doctor’s advice. Since, he was talking to Periyava, he was unable to realize the time and he ate nothing for more than an hour. He came out and ate the orange quickly when once he got back his senses! Then he never had any ulcer or pain for the rest of his life and also became an ardent devotee of Periyava.

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